Ana Sayfa OKUHABER NEWS Smartphone, 50-Days standby One Charge

Smartphone, 50-Days standby One Charge

Blackview P10000 Pro smartphone

50-Days standby One Charge

50-Days standby One Charge
50-Days standby One Charge

Blackview P10000 Pro smartphone outperforms other smartphones on the market with 50 days standby time. Chinese Smartphone Blackview P10000 Pro has 11.000 mAh charge capacity. So, it can be used with only one charge for 50 days. 

According to GizmoChina,  this device can play 80 hours of your favorite music and 40 hours of video can play non-stop. In addition, the device can play games for up to 18 hours without interruption and 60 hours of phone calls can be made.

Phone with ‘5V / 5A MediaTek Pump Express 4.0’ technology, can charge fully less then 3 hours.

Blackview P10000 Pro smartphone

The back camera of the phone that supports dual cameras is ‘Sony IMX298 16MP / 0.3MP’ and the front camera is ‘13MP / 0.3MP’.

With a 6.0-inch SHARP display, the Blackview P10000 Pro has 64GB internal memory and 4GB RAM.  It is ideal for those who watch a series of movies or movies on the internet. The price of the device is determined as 197.79 dollars.

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