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8 Best Addictive Games For PC / Playstation
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8 Best Addictive Games For PC / Playstation

Mart 25, 2022 18:15
8 Best Addictive Games For PC / Playstation



In the last days of online games, technology companies have focused on this area. As a result of this, dozens of consecutive new mobile compatible games (addictive games) have been developed. The new ending of the summer holiday has caused young people to have more opportunities to play in this period and thus to gain more habits.

The companies that develop game technologies have entered into fierce competition. Moreover, the big game companies to take a hand in the mobile games, making the games online playable has made the market thoroughly heated. The market escalated but we also increased the options of users. Let’s take a look at the addictive game advices. Let’s take a look at the best games of recent times.


PUBG can find place itself at the top of the 8 Best Addictive Games For PC list. PUBG is popular not only on computer, but also on mobile vehicles. PUBG, which ranks first in Battle royal games, is also very popular in social media.

2 – League of Legends (LOL)

One of the best addictive games League of Legends has been popular for many years. Especially in the e-sports field of the game market is very regular, boredom one to one.

3 – GTA 5

GTA is a game that hasn’t worn years. This addictive game is still popular, and in every play it takes, it drives millions. GTA 5 is the undisputed number one among the open world games.

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4 – FIFA 19

The fourth one of the best addictive games is FIFA 19. FIFA 19 will revive your passion for football. We are sure you will have fun with FIFA online.

5 – The Sims 4

The Sims is also one of the old games. You can spend pleasant moments with PC and console games in this addictive game. You’re in control of your character, lifestyle and in-game control.

6 – CS GO: Danger Zone

CS’s new and free game Danger Zone is definitely worth a try. You can play this type of addictive games for all the world, on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox and Mac systems. 

7 – Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the fastest growing games of the recent period. All the world magazine websites are interested in this addictve and funny game.

8 – Fortnite

Fortnite is also on our 8 Best Addictive Games For PC list in terms of number of players and popularity. Fortnite, one of the most popular games among the Battle Royal games, is well-liked by the season competition.

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