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Many superstitions argue that trying to have children or feeding with certain foods at certain times will determine the gender of the child. These thoughts are so far  to real world. Sperms carry any of the X or Y sex chromosomes and the sex of the sperm that reaches the egg is determined according to the sex chromosome. This sperm rate is normally considered to be 50%. But in PLOS Biology magazine, there is a research about chromosomes and sperm rates. 

Can sperm rate determine the sex of the child?

Can sperm rate determine the sex of the child?
Can sperm rate determine the sex of the child?

According to the research, X and Y not only different with each other by chromosomes, but also, their heights are so different. These two type of chromosomes are different from by height, weight and genious types.

Dr. Hiroshima University using these genetic differences, Takashi Umehera and his colleagues managed to alter the likelihood of female and male offspring in mice.

The researchers concentrated on the Toll-like receptor 7/8 gene. This receptor can active on only X chromosome. In addition, it produces receptors that function in the tail and middle of sperm cells. Researchers put mouse sperm in an environment where molecules bind to these receptors and activate them. As a result of this activation they observed a big decrease in the energy production of X chromosome sperm.

On the other hand, there was no difference in Y chromosomes.  According to the sperm races organized to confirm the findings, most of the genetically modified X chromosome sperm were able to move as fast as at least half of the Y chromosome sperm. When the experiment was repeated by separating the slow sperm, 81% of the offspring were female.

Nevertheless, don’t think that you can choose your child’s gender soon by changing sperm rate. Aside from ethical concerns, there is no evidence that the same mechanism operates in humansetik line mices.

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