With 10 Points, Why Turkey Soldiers are in Syria? What is the Purpose of Peace Spring Operation?

Should the Peace Spring Operation be performed?, What can be faced as a result of the operation? and Who Will be affected by the Operation Peace?. Ans...

Should the Peace Spring Operation be performed?, What can be faced as a result of the operation? and Who Will be affected by the Operation Peace?. Answers of all these questions have been recently answered by starting the conflicts over the past week. Despite of Turkey's good aim and protectionist attitude to the region, Turkish government have been faced with anti-war reactions from all over the world. So, what is the purpose of the peace spring operation really and how will the peace spring operation affect the world?

Peace Spring Operation Has Begun!

The Operation of the Spring of Peace, which is planned to be made to the east of the Fırat River, has recently begun at great speed.  Republic of Turkey and Armed Forces of the Syrian National Army manage the process is moving along the two countries. The opposition to this conflict, which covers the northern part of Syria, is not the Kurdish people; PKK / YPG and Deash Terrorist Organization.

Why was the Operation Called the "Spring of Peace"?

Turkish equivalents of cities within the scope of Peace Spring Operation map are Arap Pınarı, İsa Pınarı and Pınarbaşı. So the operation's name has been called as Peace Spring.

What are the Main Targets of the Operation?

In the last days when the operation started rapidly under difficult conditions, What is the main purpose of the Peace Spring Operation? The real target is the Kurds? Why is Turkey in Syria? questions flies on the air. Hundreds of reactions came to President Erdoğan from various parts of the world in this process. Discourses have spread outrageously throughout the world media, as the operation was a "war" and the operation was particularly directed against the Kurds. Well, What is the main target of the operation?

Peace Spring Operation Objectives with 10 Steps!

1 - Border Security

Republic of Turkey, on the border with Turkey against the harmful action of terrorist organizations have been forced to organize to get assurance operations in Syria.

2 - Corridor Problem

Turkey is closely related with terrorist organizations which had been occupied by Syrian situation out of energy resources Hatay and Turkey requested to be transferred to the Mediterranean countries. This makes Turkey block the terrorist corridor. The other purpose of the operation is to find a solution to the corridor problem. Otherwise, a province of Hatay in Turkey is faced with the problem of terrorism.

3 - Blocking the Attacks 

YPG, PKK and DEAŞ terrorist groups has attacked to Turkey from abroad. One of the aim of the peace spring operation is blockking to the attacks.

4 - Protecting Citizens of the Region

Terrorist organizations prevent people's lifes by ransacking their homes whose don't obey their wishes and don't support their acts. Thus, the life and property safety of the people in the region is in danger. When people don't accomodate at the region, Turkey border has been in danger. Another purpose of their presence in Turkey is to protect the people of Syria.

5 - Ensuring the Territorial Integrity of Syria

Syria has been besieged and disintegrated by terrorist organizations. The provision of Syria's territorial integrity, Turkey will also allow the securing of borders and the border lands. An important purpose of the operation is to protect the territorial integrity of Syria.

6 - Cleaning Terrorist Organizations

Turkey, has managed to defuse Shield and Operation Olive Branch with a large terrorist group. Peace Spring Operation will be effective in eliminating all organizational movements in the region.

7 - Ending Drug Traffic

Terrorist organizations cause not only military problems but also social problems. Drug production facilities are located in the Syrian border regions and domestic and foreign drug traffic is being created. Another purpose of that is to collaps drug production in Turkey and Syria.

8 - Getting the Refugees Home

Refugees from Syria are causing demographic changes in our country. After the resolution of the terror problem in Syria, the refugees in our country will be sent back to their homes.

9 - Ensuring Peace in The Region

Problems encountered in Syrian border is related with not only Syria but also Turkey. The Peace Spring Operation is needed to ensure that the people living in the border region and nearby regions of the two countries live in peace. 

10 - Protecting Children

Terrorist organizations are capturing children over the age of 12 and raising them for their own purposes. Started by Turkey the peace operations, Syria and Turkey will recover abducted children's future. You may be interested in: Minister Akar and Commanders Deliver and Manage Peace Spring Operation

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