Which foods will be destroyed by global warming?

Türkçe'si İçin Tıklayınız. Which foods will be destroyed by global warming? How our world and human will be affected by global warming? Global warming...

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Which foods will be destroyed by global warming?

How our world and human will be affected by global warming?

Global warming threatens the environment we live in, the food we eat, nature and most of all. Global warming is increasing rapidly. What are the causes and results of global warming? How global warming is avoided? From the 1950s, the world began to change rapidly with the industrial revolution.

As a result of human activity, global warming has occurred due to the rapid increase in the amount of gases causing the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere.

Causes of Global Warming

[caption id="attachment_148507" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Causes of Global Warming[/caption]   Toxic gases emitted into the atmosphere and the disposal of harmful wastes from the factories into the seas and oceans took their place among the biggest causes of global warming.  As a result of global warming, poisonous gases spreading to nature started to destroy the protein source of our food. So nutritional value of many living species in nature were adversely affected and began to disappear. The world began to dry due to the rapidly increasing temperature. Therefore, the yield of agricultural land began to decline.

Which foods will be destroyed by global warming?

[caption id="attachment_148506" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Which foods will be destroyed by global warming?[/caption]

With the increase in carbon dioxide, the nutritional value of cereals such as wheat, rice and potatoes declined. 

According to scientists, the nutritional value of many species will disappear completely and can be wiped out of the world in the future. So scientists are looking for ways to reduce the possible effects of global warming. Which foods will be destroyed by global warming?

The nutrients that global warming will destroy are not limited to cereals. Global warming also affects sea ecosystem. Seafood, a very important source of protein, is also adversely affected by global warming due to carbon dioxide. Many fish species are about to disappear.

In the course of years, unpredictable decreases in protein values ​​of nutrients obtained from living organisms that inhale poisonous gases continue to occur. Fruits are also among the foods that are said to destroy global warming. It is said that especially the growing regions of fruits grown in cold places like grapes should be moved to different places. Production of hard shelled fruit and olive production may decrease over the years. In addition, increased bacterial production in foods at high temperatures threatens human health.

Scientists Looking for an Answer to How Global Warming Can Be Prevented

[caption id="attachment_148505" align="aligncenter" width="800"] How Global Warming Can Be Prevented[/caption]   Seed varieties that can cope with hotter weather are being tried to be produced. The UN aims to make the transition to "Climatic Intelligent Food Production". The effects of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere are trying to be decreased. So it is thought that the contact of marine organisms and cereals with harmful gases may be reduced. But studies in Turkey and the world our ecosystem are not sufficient protection nature and our food for the moment.

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