Do you know your body's disease signals? Here, 10 signals and their meanings.

10 Different Disease Signals Which should be thought about! When you feel any change in your health, of course you should consult a doctor. However, y...

Scalloped tongue
Tick Skin
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10 Different Disease Signals Which should be thought about!

When you feel any change in your health, of course you should consult a doctor. However, you may notice some changes in your body without going to the doctor.

Your body may give signals in the formation of some health problems. The real question is how will you understand the signals given? Lines on your nails, skin color changes, non-healing acne… The occurrence of these problems may be trying to tell you something. Let's see what your body tells you.

1. Scalloped Tongue

The first disease signals are related with tongue. Scalloped tongue is the result of abnormal expansion of the tongue. In addition, cheek eating and calculus formation may cause the tongue to curl out, ie, the formation of a combed tongue. Some reactions in the combed tongue may cause swelling of the tongue.  In this case, you should see a doctor. If you are Face with pain, cramps, hair loss and low blood pressure with swelling of the tongue, this is a symptom of thyroid disease.

2. Thick Skin

If you notice slightly swollen brown spots anywhere on your body, especially at fold points such as the neck, this can be an indication of insulin resistance. In this case, you should undergo a doctor's check without delay. Because if you postpone it, you can go to type 2 diabetes with the progression of disease.

3. Eyebrow Loss

Hair and eyebrows are normal as you get older, but shedding your eyebrows for no reason can be a symptom of hyperthyroidismIf the thyroid hormone is running too fast or too slow, your body sounds an alarm. In both cases, you may experience the loss of eyebrows. If there is a problem in your hormones, your eyebrows will not be replaced. You should see a doctor.

4. Dark Lines on the Nails

Nails generally say about our health. Each person has unique nail form. While some of them have thick nails, others have thin nails. However, if your nail colour has changed, you should see doctor. While your nails lenghten, there are some dark lines are appeared, this can be a symptom of "nail melanoma". Nail melanoma is one of the skin cancer species. If you are sure not compress or hit your nails, you should see a doctor.

5. Pimples on the Chin

There are natural oil-producing glands on the lower layer of the skin to keep our skin moist. When these glands produce too much oil, we face to acnes. Acne in the jaw is a precursor of hormonal disorders in general. If you have acne before your menstrual period, this is normal but you should see a gynecologist if it doesn't last long.

6. Non-healing Acne Scars

Acne formation in the body is caused by clogged pores. We may all have acne that cannot be cured at some point in our lives.  However, acne that occurs for weeks and bleeding may be a symptom of “corsinoma te in the skin. Corsinoma is a type of cancer that occurs in the body, but it is less risky and can be treated quite quickly in early diagnosis. You should consult your specialist for diagnosis of this health problem.

7. Unusual Pubescence for Women

If the hair suddenly grows above the lips, around the chin and under your belly, it is a sign of hormonal imbalance in the ovaries.  And if not treated, it may cause "polycystic ovary" syndrome. While healthy women have ovulation once a month, this syndrome is rarely or no ovulation. Hairy genetics can also be seen, you should first ask your relatives.

8. Finger Pain

If your fingers look thicker than they actually are, and you have pain, it may be a sign of lung cancer.  When lung tumors grow, they give warnings that cause pain under the fingernails and fingertips. If you have finger pain, it is worth seeing a doctor without delay!

9. Dark Colored Eye Rings

Dark circles under the eye are usually the result of lifestyle. When you are not sleeping enough or not eating regularly, the fat tissue around the eyes changes and our skin becomes thinner. If you have a genetically brown under-eye tone, dark circles become visible on the skin. Dark circles do not require medical attention, but a signal to help you take better care of yourself!

10. Turning Yellow of the Skin and the Pupil

Yellowing of the skin and pupil may occur with age. However, they are age-dependent and cannot be treated. If your eye and skin become yellow in young and middle ages, this indicates jaundice. Jaundice becomes evident as the values ​​of the “bilirubin” substance in the body increases. When you notice the yellow color, you should consult a doctor. Look: According To Chinese Medicine, Wake Up Hours in Nights Have Special Meanings    

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