The Best iOS 13 Features

Türkçesi için tıklayınız. The iOS 13 update has become one of the most talked about news of the past days. It is true. The update came with absolutel...

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The iOS 13 update has become one of the most talked about news of the past days. It is true. The update came with absolutely beautiful features. Here, the Best iOS 13 Features!

Shortly after the launch of the iPhone 11, it became the target of criticism in many ways. Power, camera, dozens of maps and more. Following this, the Apple team was able to achieve close to expectations by bringing both the iOS 12 update. However, the updates were not enough for the users. Both social media and Apple support platforms published so many requests and complaints content messages. Eventually, Apple gathered the expected updates and prepared the iOS 13 update. Here, the best iOS 13 features!

1 - Map

There is the most used feature of mobile phones at the first place of the best iOS 13 features list: The Map. Apple has developed a new dimension to the map application with the latest updates. More detailed search is possible. The coefficient of convergence to the desired region is quite high.

You get the chance to get a 3D image in this new map application. The iOS 13 update also includes terrain view tracking. Moreover, iOS 13 comes with this feature works very fast.

Another feature that comes with iOS 13 is the ability to monitor traffic density on the map. The button on the bottom right of the map shows whether the road is suitable for traffic.

This part of the update is currently being used in certain states of the United States, but is expected to be used around the world by the end of 2020.

2 - Images

The second of the list of the best iOS 13 features is included in photo editing updates.

Thanks to the renewed photo application you can list your photos by month, day or year or make any edits you want.

You can edit the photos in the gallery or directly in the camera filter and can make mode selection. This feature is also among the quality features that come with iOS 13.

3 - QuickPath Keyword

The third place of the list of the best iOS 13 features includes keyboard shortcuts. This feature, which can be typed with a single letter on the keyboard, will add speed to your messages. But for now, this feature only includes English words.

4 - Mail

One of the best iOS 13 features that will work best is the changes in the mail system. With this feature at the end of our list you will be able to process much faster.

Thanks to this latest update to iPhone devices, a very easy method of choosing mail has been developed. You can select all the mails from top to bottom with just one movement.

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