What is Barista? Who is called Barista?

What is Barista? We can listen to "Coffee Terms" more and more with it is in our lives more rarely. No more forty years of coffee; because it was a dr...

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What is Barista?

We can listen to "Coffee Terms" more and more with it is in our lives more rarely. No more forty years of coffee; because it was a drink that we consume every morning to wake up, to have a chat every afternoon or to work every night. We generally make this consumption from chain coffee shops or cafes that have famous for their coffees. The most important actor of these places is the barists. Lets learn detailed "What is barista?"

People who make coffee, offer it and have information about it are called  as BARISTA.

[caption id="attachment_180384" align="alignnone" width="640"] What is barista?[/caption] I mean, every barista who's really qualified is a coffee expert. She knows how to use coffee machines and knows the coffee beans. They can maintenance of the machines' by day by day, and they can prepare the coffee in the most effective way to present visually knows. Look: Burger King Has Stopped Plastic Toy Gift Application at the Request of Two Children

Barista means "Bartender" in Italian.

In Italy, which is rich in coffee culture, male barists are called baristi and female barista are called baristas. With the spread of coffee culture, the word has also been accepted in our country and the baristas have become sought after.

We seem to hear where you call my coffee

Because, in general, our biggest expectation from baristas is a flower, insect and heart on our lattes. It's called Latte Art, and it's a bit of a visual sale. Baristas make their art speak with milk foam and coffee patterns. Although Latte Art is not obligatory, they accustomed us to this once; we can't drink Latte without a pattern anymore.

The number of people who want to become Barista is increasing.

Even though they have been running behind the counter of the  coffee fragrances, using those cool machines, materials and being in the kitchen of the work seems very interesting. Especially as a student, those who start part-time with the aim of earning money and who take the technique of work are quite numerous. Already the best way to learn this job is to cook on the field in this way. Although courses and workshops that provide Barista trainings are another option, being a good barista is only possible by sweating with a good barista.


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