10 Most Dangerous Dogs in the World

What are the most dangerous dog species in the world? Rottweiler, Pitbull, Amerikan Staffordshire Terrier, Boerboel, Presa Canario, German Shepherd, Bull Terrier, Argentino Dogo, Brazilian Mastiff / Fila Brasileiro and Tosa Inu.

10 Most Dangerous Dogs in the World
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Dogs are known as the best friends of humans since the past years. While many family adopts pet dog types for taking responsibility of caring them; especially families with special children prefer to have dogs for their children's intelligence development. Feeding dogs at home may seem beneficial in many ways, but an enlarged dog can sometimes create dangerous situations against the household or the guest.

Here Are the 10 Most Dangerous Dogs in the World...

At this point, it is important to choose docile ones when choosing a dog breed. What about the dangerous but noble ones? Should we avoid embracing them because they are dangerous? The answer is only related with you. If you are not afraid and can handle care, why not?

The 10 Most Dangerous Dogs in the World!

1  - Rottweiler 

Rottweiler, the most dangerous dog breed among aggressive dogs, is a very difficult dog breed. At the top of the list of the 10 most dangerous dogs in the world , these dogs have sharp pointed teeth.

This sporty dog ​​breed has an athletic body and has a very strong jawbone. The triangular ears of the Rottweiler's large nostrils allow for better odor and trace. The people who want to but these dogs which are sold so high prices, should think one more than. This is a very cute dog when it is young, the advanced age of this dog species will be quite aggressive.

2 - Pitbull

Pitbull is in second place in the list of the 10 most dangerous dogs in the world. Pitbull has a brave and confident style with its' cool posture and scowl eyes. Pitbull, which is from US, has a very strong chin. This dangerous dog species have different colours and their caring is so difficult. 

Pitbull is capable of performing very successful attacks with its muscular neck structure and has a muscular and flat back structure. Its short tail allows it to move faster than its body.

3 - Amerikan Staffordshire Terrier

There is also an American family dog at the third place of the 10 most dangerous dogs in the world list: Amerikan Staffordshire Terrier. It is a very intelligent, determined and aggressive specie and  this dangerous dog has a very strong breed. The eyes of the breed dog with a very strong jaw are round and black. Its teeth become much sharper, overlapping, unlike other dog species. Terrier is a type of dog that is very aggressive and trained in cola. The muscular body is very similar to Pitbull. But it is more powerful than Pitbull.

4 - Boerboel

Boerboel is the fourth most dangerous dog in the world. This type of dangerous dog, which is forbidden for personal breeding, is usually used in public order and pollice office operations.

Its large, muscular and structured body, enough to scare the sight of this type of dog is a kind Ligobet of highly trained and cared for.

5 - Presa Canario

There is Presa Canario specie in the fifth of the list of the 10 most dangerous dogs in the world. The species, which has a very serious posture and appears to be composed of muscle and bone.

Due to its aggressive and serious nature, this dangerous dog breed is not suitable for feeding at home and has a strong jaw and chest structure. This dog, which is quite large, is also taller than the adult ones.

6 - German Shepherd

The German Shepherd which is the sixth specie of the list of the 10 most dangerous dogs in the world, is a very brave dog specie. It is totally protective which leads to sometimes some attacks. 

With the quick running, attacking and garding features of the German Shepherd is often used by law enforcement officers. You can educate this aggressive dog type as a docile specie. In the home environment, it will be easy to get a friendly dog when you receive compassionate education.

7 - Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier is an English Bulldog mix type specie (break Specie). This species, created by James Hinks, spread all over the world in a very short time. Despite its short height and legs, Bull Terrier is a very agile species that can be fed at home. If you want to feed this dog which is in the 7th place on the list of the 10 most dangerous dogs in the world, you will have to find techniques to distinguish between strangers and acquaintances. Otherwise, everyone it considers a stranger will be a target for counter-attack for it.

8 - Argentino Dogo

Argentino Dogo is a hunting dog with a history dating back to the Cold War. This species, which is quite successful in hunting and hiking, ranks eighth on the list of the 10 most dangerous dogs in the world.

The jaw and head of the species, which have a very strong structure, are shaped outwards. The short hairs and eye structure of this breed make it look much harder. A dog with a history based on Alano's dog, Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez tried to protect him for a very long time. This intriguing dog with a strong attack structure is difficult to care for and train.

9 - Brazilian Mastiff / Fila Brasileiro 


Fila Brasileiro takes on a very dangerous character with a very high degree of protectionist behavior. This type of overly possessive, connected and conservative attitude does not know how to treat foreigners tolerant.

This breed, which is one of the best defense dogs in the world, has a very confident and strong structure. It is still not forbidden to our country this species which is banned in many countries.

10 - Tosa Inu

The last dog in the 10 most dangerous dogs in the world list, Tosa Inu is in the last place on the list of the 10 most dangerous dogs in the world. Tosa Inu, from a generation that originated in Japan, is a very fast attack species.

Tosa Inu is a very good training dog with its durable body, muscular structure and clever character. You should examine the breeding conditions before you have the species considered one of the most powerful dogs in the world with its aggressive structure and very good smell. 

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