Modern Etiquette Rules

Türkçesi İçin Tıklayınız.  Modern Etiquette Rules Modern etiquette is the set of rules that we must follow from the first moment we wake up in the mor...

Türkçesi İçin Tıklayınız

Modern Etiquette Rules

Modern etiquette is the set of rules that we must follow from the first moment we wake up in the morning to the night. The etiquette is more about the relativity of our environment. Modern etiquette is a set of behaviors that we adhere to in any society in which we live, which enable us to become more compatible with our environment and to become more acceptable.

What is Ettiquette?

[caption id="attachment_181350" align="alignnone" width="640"] "Etiquette is not only using knife and fork, it is your attitude in life, your way of life."İlber Ortaylı[/caption] Ettiquette is all attitudes and behaviors that must be followed where people live. Modern etiquette is named as "Adabı muaşeret" in Turkish. It is based on respectful living with our environment. In previous years, there were courses in the primary and secondary education curriculum related to etiquette. Now these courses are offered as electives and are not offered by many schools. Here, item list of etiquette!

1 - Speech

The first manners rule requires not to speak out loud in society. Speaking very loudly in a community or with someone else is disrespectful.

2 - Fingers

Modern etiquette requires that fingers, hands, or wrists be made in the community is not acceptable. In addition, the nose, ears or teeth do not finger in the community. In a society should not be cleanned nails. leaning.

3 - Books

When reading a book in the community, the finger does not lick to the next page.

4 - Perfume

Modern etiquette requires women not to use heavy perfume.

The same criterion is necessary for men, but in our society, as in any society, the majority of men do not spray heavy perfumes. Modern etiquette rules also require not to smell bad. That is to say, pleasant smelling without exaggeration is important for public dignity.

5 - Door

In a society, doors are not clodes fast and loudly. If it took place and there was an unintentional harsh closure, the door was locked back in, it was expressed willingly and apologized.

6 - Break in Talk

In accordance with the rules of manners of adherence, one should not be interrupted when talking to someone or when someone is talking. Before the end of the speech or the end of the conversation about a topic, the topic should not be transferred directly in another direction. This will cause the person to feel unnecessary speaking.

7 - Appointment

If an appointment is made with someone, according to the rules of courtesy, they must be at the designated place before the appointment time.

8 - Family Problems

Do not share your family problems or discussions with work pairs or classmates. Do not discuss them while you are with these people. Modern etiquette acknowledges that in this case the other party has to listen to you because it is obligatory and to share your situation because it is obliged and exposed. If she is not a very, very close friend, do not discuss problematic relationships with your friend.

9 - Greetings

It is a very important courtesy to look at each other's faces when greeting a friend or relative. The fact that the face is facing the other person during the conversation was also determined as an important etiquette. Another important issue in this regard is to ask for remembrance. When someone said to you "How are you?", speaking about illnesses and bad things are not suitable for modern ettiquette rules. It would be a much more correct answer to say "I'm fine" or "I'm not bad" to this question. Speaking about ilnnesses will decrease your friend's energy.

10 - Handshake

According to modern etiquette rules, in an environment of men and women, men should not be the first to extend their hands. One of the women may not want to shake hands should not be ignored. Look:  Did you know that the 11 genes we inherited from our family shape our character?    

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