The World's Largest Market Forex Offers Investors Opportunities Continuously!

Forex is a word derived from the abbreviation of “Foreign Exchange”. It is sometimes referred to as FX or foreign exchange markets. Forex is a decentralized global market with a wide range of commodity trades and exchange rates around the world.

What is Forex
What are the Advantages of Trading on Forex
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What is Forex?

Forex is a word derived from the abbreviation of “Foreign Exchange”. It is sometimes referred to as FX or foreign exchange markets. Forex is a decentralized global market with a wide range of commodity trades and exchange rates around the world. Forex market is known as the largest and most liquid market in the world. It is known that the daily trading volume of , where the international giant financial institutions trade except for individual investors, is around 5 trillion dollars.

What are the Advantages of Trading on Forex?

Trading has many benefits and advantages. The most important advantages of these markets - as they are quite liquid markets - can be realized immediately. In addition, Forex is one of the most well-known features that leverage foreign exchange trading among other investment instruments.

Using leverage in foreign exchange transactions is a system that enables transactions with a certain amount of collateral to exceed the amount in the portfolio. leverage ratio up to 1: 10, although it depends on various currency pairs can be used in Turkey.

Another advantage of the market is that you have the flexibility to invest in any foreign currency cross, regardless of the amount of foreign currency in your portfolio. You can also open positions according to market conditions with the possibility of buying or selling. In this way, you will have the opportunity to gain in both falling and rising market conditions.

You can trade 24 hours in the office days. In this way, traders do not pay commission fees while trading Forex and can spread faster due to low spread. The fact that the market is seen as one of the reliable markets is that the price cannot be intervened externally in these markets. No one can control the currency crosses in such a huge market where $ 5 trillion is traded daily.

How to Trade Foreign Exchange in the Forex Market?

After opening an account with licensed brokerage houses that have been approved by the Capital Markets Authority, the transactions can be carried out safely. The most used platform for trading in is Meta Trader. Investors can connect to the Meta Trader program and trade in the market with their username and password from their brokerage houses.

Easy Access the Forex Market with Metatrader!

With the NoorCM difference, commodity trader integration has been achieved to quickly and easily invest in currency crosses and various commodity markets. You can connect to NoorCM servers on Meta Trader platform and start trading immediately.

In addition to this, for the first time in the Forex market, traders are given the opportunity to use the trial account to learn the trading logic and test their trading strategies. With the advanced features and powerful servers offered by Metatrader, one of the most used trading platforms in the world, trading in the Forex market is easy and fast.

What do you Need to Know Before You Start Trading on the Forex Market?

These markets, which offer high return opportunities, financial markets that contain risks at the same rate. In addition to that, leveraged trading makes these markets riskier. Therefore, before you start trading in the Forex market, you must first become familiar with the use of the platform and learn the terms of. It is also important to learn the technical analysis tools that the platform offers to investors and to interpret these technical indicators to make profitable transactions. Investors can gain experiences in their Forex Demo accounts before they start real trading in order to develop a trading strategy in the Forex market and learn about market movements. They can also attend free training on markets and follow regularly published market bulletins.

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