7 Behaviors of Toxic People

Toxic people features Chronic negativity and continuous low energy affect you badly. For people who are constantly unhappy and pulling you to the bott...

toxic people
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Toxic people features

Chronic negativity and continuous low energy affect you badly. For people who are constantly unhappy and pulling you to the bottom, the term "toxic person" is used.

The term toxic human is used for people who constantly draw you to the bottom, are constantly negative and emit negative energy. Although they affect you directly, by spending time with them continuously, they may affect your psychology badly. These type humans may enter your lives, and they may stay at your lives continuously. However, the important thing that you should not lose your energy and know how you cope with toxic humans. We have written about the 7 behaviors they exhibited in order to get to know the toxic people better.

1. Manipulation

[caption id="attachment_180817" align="alignnone" width="600"] toxic people manipulate you[/caption] Toxic people are not interested in your emotions or you. They only want to control you by manipulating. So, you may a part of their plans. By benefitting from your good side, they exploit your feelings.

2. They don't apologize

Whatever they do, they do not accept their faults. However, they try to find ways to blame you. Coping with these type of people is so difficult. Because toxic people do not admit their mistakes, they constantly try to create a new topic of discussion. Because they thing that if they apologize from you, they will lose their self comfidence. 

3. They reflect their feelings to you

Toxic people share all their negative feelings with you. In addition, they can think someone's act to herself. Besides, when you are anywhere outdoors, they can take one's movement on himself . In this way, they make you feel uncomfortable.

4. They create a negative situation and pretend nothing happened

When you get tired of the negative behavior of toxic people, you may want to talk to them. However, if you ask, the only answer you will get is "nothing". Because there is no tangible real reason. They only create a negative state and try to absorb your energy.

5. They complain constantly

We can sometimes all have bad days. In such moments, we need the support of our loved ones. But if it turns into a habit, it becomes toxic. Calling someone every day, complaining about something and crying can freak him out.

6. They don't accept “No”

Toxic people do not accept “no" as an answer. When you reject them, they begin to manipulate you to get what you want. Because they don't understand and respect other people's limits.

7. Your success is a torture for them

Almost all of us have met someone who is sulking in the face of our success. Sometimes this may even be a close friend of ours. You share your joy with them and expect them to rejoice with you, but their response to you is only a cold smile. Sometimes this doesn't even happen. Toxic people don't share your happy time. Look: Studies show that status holders are prone to cheating

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