The Planet GJ 3512b has been discovered

The Planet which should not be exist, at the far 30 light years, has been discovered. Astronomers discovered a planet that "shouldn't exist there" was...

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The Planet which should not be exist, at the far 30 light years, has been discovered. Astronomers discovered a planet that "shouldn't exist there" was actually about 30 light years away from the world.

Since the discovery of planets, scientists have been developing theories about how planets are formed around stars. But this discovered planet may collaps all the theories about forming of planets. Because according to scientists, that planet should not exist at there. The planet, which is about 284 trillion kilometers away from the world, was named “GJ 3512b". But what makes scientists think the planet shouldn't be there?

The newly discovered planet "GJ 3512b" was discovered by the Calar Alto, Sierra Nevada and Montsec Astronomical Observatories in Spain and the Las Cumbres Observatory in California.

Observations of the planet, determined to have a huge size, have been published in Science Magazine.

Astronomers explain the formation of planets, based on the planetary orbiting stars.

However, the GJ 3512b in orbit of the red type M dwarf star is much larger than it should be to stay in the dwarf star's orbit.

If you need more simple explanation; The Earth is in the solar system and the sun is 333 thousand times heavier than the Earth. The star of the GJ 3512b is only 270 times heavier than the planet. Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, has a mass of 47 times less mass than the Sun. Accordingly, the GJ 3512b is too large to be in orbit of its own star.

This star, which is 369 trillion km, 39 light years, away from the Sun, is home to a system of seven planets with masses equal to or less than Earth.

However, GJ 3512b is a giant planet with a mass as large as half of Jupiter, and therefore a larger mass than theoretically predicted planets for this small star.

Due to this theory, astronomers think that the GJ 3512b should not actually exist there.

Christoph Mordasini, explained to the BBC, “Such a star should have a planet larger or slightly larger than Earth”.

The mass state opposite the newly discovered planet star contradicts the theory of acceleration that explains how planets are formed.

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