5 Keys To Motivate Kids

How to Motivate Kids For Something? "My son does not do his homeworks comlately."  "My daughter is so lazy." "Without saying to her, she does not take...

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How to Motivate Kids For Something?

"My son does not do his homeworks comlately." 
"My daughter is so lazy."
"Without saying to her, she does not take her responsibilities."
[caption id="attachment_181365" align="alignnone" width="461"] 5 Keys To Motivate Kids[/caption] I can hear "Yes, this is my son." or "Yes, i have also this problem." Firstly, don't panic. Sit back and give your attention to our said in this article. Because you are parents and your behaviours affect your children so much. Befor all the things, you should accept that your children are not in a race in their lives. They are only children. You should approach to them by using smiling, speaking and games. If you are aggressive, they will be more aggrassive. Because, they reflect your behaviors.

What is Motivation?

[caption id="attachment_181364" align="alignnone" width="500"] 5 Keys To Motivate Kids[/caption] Motivation is having power to achieve a certain goal. So, for having your kid motivation to something, he / she should want to achieve that goal.

How to Motivate Children To Do Something?

We want to our kids should have done all their responsibilities easily and practically. But gaining this behavior, we should help them in their childhood. If we behave them as an adult in their childhood, they cannot learn cope with stress, jobs, responsibilities and self motivation. For making them have self motivation, we should obey some rules. Here 5 keys to motivate kids:

1 - Problem Solving Ability

All our children should learn how to cope with problems. Why it is important that if we do not make them take responsibilities for problem solving in any field, they will need us rest of their lives all time. So, we should let them face with problems, make mistakes and take lessons from these experiences. As they solve problems more and more, they will have self motivation. So, to motivate kids, they will face with problems alone.

2 - Don't Beat Tables.

For having an active motivated kids, you should not beat tables or doors after your kid crashed to them. While you are beating these materials for punnishment for these materials, your kid can think that if i crash something the mistake of this event is its. So i can do again. For showing to them to beat anything after crashing, they will do next time themselves. This makes your child have incriminating characteristic. So he will not motivate to anything. Because there is at least one thing for incriminating of any unseccesful goal.

3 - Make Speech Meaningful

How to motivate kids for something is related with your communication with them. If you have a strong communication with them, they will try to understand what you want or what you expect. But no matter how much you talk, your expectation should be appropriate for your child. Look: 10 Healthy Food For Children

4 - Hug Their Mistakes

Your kids make mistakes. Moreover, they can make so much mistakes. If they cannot cope with any behavior or problem, don't push them to solve it. The time may not be come for this goal. Your kid's physical or mental development may not be enough for that event. Huge your children's mistakes. Damaging them or screaming cannot solve the problem. If your child is afraid of you, he / she will not share anything with you. This will be lack of self confidence in the future. In order to motivate kids, you should accept their mistakes.

5 - Invest Their Personality

In order to motivate kids, there are a certain rule is that you should invesy their personality. In other words, you should feed them more sensible and humanous people. For this purpose, say how love her. Don't want to prepare her as a unique presence. Guide her beside orienting. Let her to face with something without you. Give your advice to make sport. Don't choose her sport type. Give a chance to choose what she will attend. Look: How to Motivate Children to Study      

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