Me before you: A Modern Fairy Tale

Türkçesi İçin Tıklayınız.  Released on June 17, 2016, Me Before You is a modern love film based on the best-selling novel by British writer Jojo Moyes...

Türkçesi İçin Tıklayınız

Released on June 17, 2016, Me Before You is a modern love film based on the best-selling novel by British writer Jojo Moyes. Thea Sharrock sits in the director's chair me before you film which took attention after at the same time its relase  date. Emilia Clarke and Sam Claffin play the leading roles in the lead feature, which is her first feature film.

Me Before You author Jojo Moyes says she is very pleased that her book and film attracted so much attention and she added that she is sure that such a love story will make a sound all over the world.

Me Before you, I also recommend that they have handkerchiefs for the viewers of the film, she proposes that both the book and the film have their own characteristics, so they should witness both works from this love.

Me Before You Movie Subject

Will Treynor, the only son of a very rich and very noble family, is turned upside down as a result of a car accident. For his sons who cannot move down the neck, the family tries to use all their means and shows a great example of mobilization. In spite of Will's family, who has done all he can to make life easier, Will is very uncomfortable with his situation and his efforts around him. Because he longs for his old life. One day, Will crosses paths with Louisa Clark, the daughter of a poor family who is looking for work. At first, this girl, who dresses in too much color, smiles too much and speaks a lot, is nothing but an unbearable person for herself.

After a dramatical accident, Lou becomes an otherwise grumpy man, causing a very difficult period for his caregiver Clark and his family. Clark, on the other hand, is very determined and willing to try to communicate with Will, who needs to look after him, and to melt the iceberg between them. And what happens in the end. Clark wins this relentless communication race. And they fall in love with each other. Having achieved success after a long and difficult period, Clark is hopeful that Will will hold on to life and make plans for his life again.

Jojo moyes, who reveals a modern genre of rich boy - poor girl story, has made wonders in you after me. Inspired by the book Me before you, the film Me before you continues with the second work that takes the name Me 2 before you, as much as the source of inspiration.

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Looking at the scenario of the film, it seems as if everything is easy and smooth. Filled with very smooth transitions, the film is one of the finest examples of romantic - comedy today, and a great family-run feast. If you want to have fun and feel both, you should get the film and the book Me Before You.

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