What You Need to Know About the iOS 13 Update

Apple recently released iOS 13 beta as public. With the new upgrade, so many newness has been presented to Apple users. As one of the most preferred p...

ios 13
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Apple recently released iOS 13 beta as public. With the new upgrade, so many newness has been presented to Apple users.

As one of the most preferred phone brands in the world, Apple continues to release new updates to please its users. Apple recently released the beta version of the iOS 13 update to the public, Apple released an update about the release. While many new features are offered to Apple users in the update, Apple models released before 2016 announced that the update does not support. Lets, analyze the innovations which are come with iOS 13. 

With the iOS 13 update, many new features have been introduced to Apple devices, and some features have been improved.

Dark Mode feature

"Dark Mode" feature are waited for a long time by Apple users. Using the general white iPhone userface on dark mode feature of iOS 13 is released. You can activate the Dark Mode by using manuel tool. In addition, you can program your phone to otomatically change the userface mode according to sun's rise or sunset.

One of the Biggest Changes: New Category System

Perhaps one of the biggest changes on iOS 13 is the new category system. The new category system, which offers changes especially in the photo archive, allows you to view your photo album through different categories. This way, you can categorize your photos or videos and provide easier access. You can show all the thing in "All Photos" part. You can look at your special photos in "Days" part. In "Mounts" and "Years" parts, you can see your valuable memories. 

Photograph Editting Options

Another update from iOS 13 update includes photo editing options. 

With the new update, you can review the effects you will add to your photos separately while editing photos, and automatically adjust the “intensity"of your photo with enhancement settings. In addition, you can edit vitality, white balance, noise reduction and sharpness of photos. 

Improvements to security and privacy settings

With iOS 13 update, the security applications of Apple devices have become more stringent. Applications want access, including Bluetooth. Thus, Apple prevents a possible security problem.

Playing Live Photos Otomatically

With the biggest change in the ios 13 update "new category system", there is a change in "live photos" part. Live Photos and videos can now be played automatically.

What's new with iOS 13

There are some changes on camera system with the new update of Apple phones. Users will be able to adjust the intensity of the “Portrait Light” effect with the new change to portrait mode. They can increase and decrease the effcts.

Smart List Which are added to Reminders

The older iOS releases' reminders' usage are to complicated. However, the iOS 13 reminders have a new userface. In addition, usage of the application is so easy to. In addition, with the "smart lists" features of the application, users can see all the reminders in all the lists. In virtual assistant Siri can perceive what is sait otomatically. And it will give advices to users for setting reminders.  

Game controllers can be connected to iPhone

The iOS 13 is also a great innovation for gamers. You will be able to connect the game controller of PlayStation 4 or Xbox One S to your device while playing games on the iPhone. Look: Samsung Galaxy M30s has been introduced – How are the specs and price?

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