What is Google Assistant?

What is Google Assistant? [caption id="attachment_164851" align="alignnone" width="800"] What is Google Assistant?[/caption] Google Assistant is an as...

what is google assistant
what is google assistant3
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What is Google Assistant?

[caption id="attachment_164851" align="alignnone" width="800"] What is Google Assistant?[/caption] Google Assistant is an assistant application designed for Android phones. In this sense, it can be said that there is a similar application with Siri in Apple phones. The Google Assistant is simple to use, making life easier for people with a busy agenda in modern life. To use the app, you must first have an active Google account defined on your device. [caption id="attachment_164852" align="alignnone" width="259"] What is Google Assistant?[/caption] You can use Google Assistant not only with your Android phones but also IOS phones. For downloading the application, you should visit Google Play Store or App Store. There are so many points for getting help from Google Assistant:
  • You can ask something.
  • You can use it by calling each other.
  • You can find the near points around yourself.
  • You can use it as task remember person.
Google Assistant is artificial intelligence, which is developed by Google. The purpose of the development is primarily to facilitate the user's life. This application is very easy to use, as popular as Siri how long it will take to wonder whether. Google Assistant there was no support for Turkey in the past. However, since the last update made the app can also be used in Turkey. To do this, you need to manually process.

How to Use Google Assistant?

  • For using Google Assistan, you should activate it firstly. For activation, you should some things.
  • First of all, go to Settings in the status bar and activate Google Assistant in the accounts area.
  • Follow the instructions in the order that appears after clicking the Google search bar on your phone's home screen.
  • Specify a location and activate it.
  • Mark the warning message that will come to you as “Yes, I accept..
  • You can then open the Google Assistant app by voice. Moreover, Google Assistant will notify you when an update is available for the applications you use.

Siri Or Google Assistant?

So, is Google Assistant better or Siri? Popular Youtubers often take videos to answer this question. These videos, which are very enjoyable for technology lovers, also fire the contention between Android and iOS. The results of the comparison between Google Assistant and Siri are quite interesting. When both applications are asked to perform certain commands, such as opening an application, the process is almost complete. However, when these artificial intelligence assistants are asked questions that require information, it is seen that Google Assistant is moving faster. The reason for this situation is that Google should be an information encyclopedia. While Google provides direct answers to these questions, Siri offers more search-related links. In terms of speed, we can say that Google Assistant stands out. The Assistant, who has achieved quite successful results against a strong opponent like Siri, largely meets the expectations of technology lovers. Recent researches on artificial intelligence, the artificial intelligence in itself, Google Assistant and Siri often leads to testing. The intelligence test conducted by Cornell University also entertained technology lovers. Siri and Google Assistant's IQ was measured in the study and Siri's intelligence level, which has been in our lives since 2011, rose to 23.9, while Google's intelligence level, which entered our lives much later, rose to 47.28. In this sense, Google Assistant is much more kAssistantledgeable and even ready to respond to Siri! You can start using Google Assistant, which you can communicate with both voice and text, free of charge. In the near future, some phones will be available to users directly with Google Assistant installed. After this development, Google Assistant is expected to become much more popular worldwide. You can be interested in not only What is Google Asistant, but also What is airdrop.

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