Top 10 Marvel Movies

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Top 10 Marvel Movies

The Marvel universe has been a project that has been pursued with passion from the very first moment it entered the broadcasting life. Every film shot in the universe managed to break box office records around the world. So much so that the universe had a group of viewers who watched the same film many times after watching it in the cinema. there are so many people who have not seen the Marvel universe films have difficulty deciding which marvel movie to begin with. Here's a list to make your job easier!

Top 10 Marvel Movies!

All Marvel films that have been screened to date are a marvel of design and fiction excellence. However, there are some of them are watched by people so many times. Here, the best Marvel Film list and details! You may be interested in: Top 15 Marvel Movies Coming Out In 2020-2022

1 - Marvel's the Avengers (2012) The Avengers, which was produced in 2012, has become the best Marvel movie on our list. You will have fun and excitement while watching with its skillful cast, interesting characters and entertaining scenario.

2 - Iron Man (2008) Iron Man is at the second place of the list of the top 10 Marvel videosThe film focuses on interesting events after Tom Stark, a very handsome engineer, was captured during a publicity. Stark is asked to make a deadly missile; however, action-packed events after preparing an armor to free him from captivity will take your breath away. We are sure that you cannot stay out from this movie since it will end. 

3 - Spider Man - 2 (2004) Spider Man, which is recorded in 2002, is the most interesting film in the Marvel universe. In our first film, our hero, who becomes a spider-man, will have many more enemies in this film. If you liked the story of Spiderman this movie will be much more fun and exciting.

4  - X2: X - Men United (2003)

X2, the second film of the X-Men movie, ranks 4th in the list of top 10 marvel movies. The X-men film is the second film in the series about the exciting struggle between good and evil mutants. The relentless struggle between Wolverine and Styker has made the film's editing and subject matter much more interesting. If you're looking for an extraordinary production, the film is for you.

5 - Spider Man (2002)

Spider Man, a very familiar production, is in the 5th place in the list of top Marvel movies. The main character of this film, which attracts the attention of everyone, young and old, male and female, has powerful features against his will. Will these features be his luck or his bad luck? Spider Man is for you if you are looking for something that you can't stand in your place while watching.

6 - X - Men: First Class (2011) Ranked 6th in the list of the top 10 Marvel films, X-men contains the most influential characters the Marvel universe has brought to cinema. X-men is an important production that tells the struggle of good and evil mutants and attracts attention with its action scenes.

7 - Thor (2011)

Published in 2011, Thor is one of the most popular characters in the Marvel universe. Directed by director Kenneth Branagh, the legend of Thor is not only about fighting the throne, but also about the struggle for perseverance. You will watch the film that tells the struggle between a prince who is the real heir to the throne and a superhero.

8 - Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Captain America, the first film of the Avengers movie series, is on the 8th of our list. The film takes place during the 2nd World War. The main topic of the film is not only war, but also about the involvement of a young soldier named Steve Rogers who has applied to join the war but has always been rejected. In the sequel, Rogers, who fights with our evil character, Red Skull, and his story, The Avengers make the first film of the film series spectacular.

9 - The Incredible Hulk (2008)

The incredible Hulk, the 2008 Marvel film, is ranked 9th on our list of the 10 Top Marvel Movies. One of the most interesting Marvel characters, Hulk has become one of the most beloved of the era with his character and design. The main subject of the film revolves around the transformation of the main character of the film into a non-human being by being exposed to excessive radiation in a research center developed for an experiment. If you are a fantastic movie lover, the Hulk movie is for you.

10 - Blade 2 (2002) There is a wampire movie at the last place of our top 10 Marvel Movies list: Blade 2. Blade 2 describes Blade's second important mission as a human vampire. His first film, watched with enthusiasm, Blade in the second film is forced to fight against vampires. Blade 2 is one of the most interesting scenarios in the Marvel universe. Tensions and adrenaline continue at full speed in the film, where the struggle between the good character Blade and the bad character Reaper is the subject of the film. If you like action, vampire and thrill movies, don't let Blade 2 go.  

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