Will Polio be a history?

For the second time in human history, a disease (Polio) can be eradicated from the face of the earth.  According to World Health Organization data, po...

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For the second time in human history, a disease (Polio) can be eradicated from the face of the earth.  According to World Health Organization data, polio disease is expected to disappear completely as of smallpox since 2018. The disease, which is very contagious and affects the nervous system, can paralyze the whole body within a few hours.

The number of emissions detected in the world, is limited to only 7 people, in 2016. The Sanofi Pasteur laboratory in Lyon, France is one of the main sites that produce vaccines against polio. Euronews correspondent Francisco Fuentes spoke to the authorities about the current situation in the fight against illness:

“The spread of the polio virus has never been so weak. The World Health Organization expects it to stop completely within two years. This time may be shorter. ”

There is an against plan to Polio

A fight against the disease was planned between 2013-2018. According to one of the researchers, Joel Calmet, the stage will change vaccine policies:

“All of these programs are based on the OPV triple vaccine and target all three stages of the disease. In this case, stages 1 and 3 will not be necessary. Only one dose will be reduced to type 2 vaccine in China. " The distribution of the new type of vaccine has begun and it is aimed to take precautions against the spread. The regions where armed conflicts are still the biggest threat, but the threat is not limited. Related News: Can sperm rate determine the sex of the child? “The first danger is security. If we had access to all the kids today. The problem could have been solved much faster. The second risk is the laboratories that have been studied on this subject and the viruses that are kept in these areas, even if all the potential for this spread is eliminated."

The global program looks like to have largely achieved its goal. According to the World Health Organization, polio cases have decreased by 99 percent. In 1988, this virus was seen in 350 thousands people in 2015, this number decreased to 74.

At present, except in some exceptional cases in Ukraine, only Pakistan and Afghanistan are spreading. In Africa, there is no case that has been detected in the last 2 years.

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