You May Being Watched! All About Spy Cameras!

Türkçesi için tıklayınız. The Methods of Coping with Spy Cams!  Are you feel anxious when you go to a new place or meet a new person? Should do? Today...

Türkçesi için tıklayınız.

The Methods of Coping with Spy Cams

Are you feel anxious when you go to a new place or meet a new person? Should do? Today's latest technological developments have developed enough to make this question say "Yes". You may being watched everywhere and from everyone. Because Spy Cameras are everywhere!

The technology has developed rapidly in the last period of spycam, hidden camera technology has also made a lot of improvements. The use of a spy camera, which is an illegal practice, has become a fearful dream not only for women but also for families with children. So, what's a spy camera? , How does spycam work? , What are the methods of coping with spy cams?

What is Spy Cam (Hidden Camera)? 

Hidden camera, also known as Spy cam, is a camera system capable of recording visuals and sound without the knowledge of people. Some of them can be in different form of items, while others are as small as a dot. No matter what type of them, the use of spy camera is prohibited in our country. The information and images recorded by this illegal method cannot be used as documents even in the courts.

How Spycam (Hidden Camera) Works?

Hidden camera systems work generally wireless. Spy camera systems, which can be in the form of a pen, a book or a small device mounted in a bag, are very simple.  Here are the methods of work of substance spy camera systems:
  • They generally works wireless.
  • There are a record memory in the camera system. (It works like as phone memories)
  • They are charged by using a USB cable.
  • There are also long-term recorders. There are also short-term ones.

How to Prevent Spy Cameras?

At the point of war with spy cameras recently announced the start of the development of a new technology in cooperation with the Chinese technology company Qihoo and search engine Baidu. Thanks to the new technological device, people will be alerted when spycam is around them. Well, now that this technology doesn't exist, which means that we are still under construction, what can we do against spy cameras? Here's the methods of coping with spy cams!

1 - Choose Meeting Points Rigth! 

Spy cameras can be carried with the person or can be integrated into the environment. At this point, first of all, interpersonal relations should be careful. One of the most important the methods of coping with spy cams is meeting places. If a person is to be interviewed for the first time or if a person is not very well known, they should be met in crowded and audible environments. This can be a resaturant or a cafe located on a busy street.

2 - Pay Attention To Your Phone Applications! 

One of the easiest the methods of coping with spy cams is applications. Even though our mobile phones provide great convenience for us, they become the most dangerous devices considering spycam applications. So, how should we be protected from spy camera systems on our phones? The answer is very simple. If you pay attention to the applications you download to your phone, you care about the permissions you give to the applications on your phone, and you edit the permissions of the programs that want to access your camera, you will live more safely.

"Who blocked you?" or "who follow you on Instagram" are pirated content aggregator archive programs. That is, they may be following your photos, documents and shares without your permission. Therefore, you should not download applications that you do not know.

3 - Pay Attention Your Computer Camera!

At the end of the list of the methods of coping with spy cams, there is a very easy precaution: cameras. The computers you use will be able to take cameras and record audio while they are connected to the internet. You may be able to shoot a black tape on the camera and audio recording sections of the computer you are using to avoid the risk of remote access. This saves you from being saved when you don't want to. You may be interested in:  What is Microsoft Project xCloud?

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