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According to a recent study, there is a close relationship between power and sex balance. People who are strong in any field turned out to be quite successful and powerful in their sexual lives. This in some cases can lead to mixed relationships.

 status holders are cheating

Power means being competent in a certain field and having an effect. This causes strong people to have an influence on the other and therefore have the power to direct them. Interestingly, the sexual motivation of people who have power in any field is also strengthened. Power and sexuality are closely related, according to most studies. While increasing power provides sexual motivation, more is turned into deception.

Recent research shows that having a strong field increases sexual motivation.

status holders are cheating

Learned that stronger people were more sexually active. It was found out that those who have high status in the same office have sexually stronger character.

 status holders are cheating

In addition, people who are aware of their delight and provide control, have a more active sexual life.

This awareness makes them stronger.

Statü Sahibi Kişiler aldatıyor

People with active sexual life are more confident and authoritarian.

But having too much power can hurt sexual life. It can disrupt sex.

In monogamy, sexual power is an enemy factor. People with status are cheating.

 status holders are cheating

Research reveals that having authority in an area leads to a tendency to deceive.

Statü Sahibi Kişiler aldatıyor

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