Release Date, Coast and Specs of Iphone 11

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Iphone 11 which will be released today, is not be a new smartphone model, but an upgraded model. There are not so many differences with the previous Iphone 11 model. If you want to learn it's realase date, coast and feature, lets, continue to read.

Iphone 11 series are released today. If you are looking for an iphone that has been greatly upgraded, you may probably be disappointed this year. Because the upgrades about the smartphone, we heard, are not so exciting.  As a result of the information we have obtained, this new phone is very similar to the 2018 series.

The release date of Iphone 

The first pre-order date of the iPhone 11 will be available on September 13th. The estimated date of release is 20 September. Iphone 11, which will appear in many stores before the end of the year, will start to receive pre-orders on Friday.

The Coast of Iphone 11 

It is certain that the coast of Iphone 11 will not decrease this year. Apple's new phone is undoubtedly started at $ 999. The Iphone 11 will also be available from $ 999.

Because the earlier version of Apple is not sold as much as desired, there is a possibility that the IPhone 11 will be sold at a more affordable price.

Specs of Iphone 11

Huge Camera 

Unlike all Iphone series, the Iphone 11's camera is designed to be larger and square.

The only real innovation we've seen from Apple so far is the development of photo-taking capabilities. Thanks to developed camera technology of the model, photographs which are taken by iphone 11, will be more qualified. 

Design Looks Like Old Version

It's really simple if you're wondering what the new iPhone will look like. The notable innovation in the phone is not on the front. The three-lens camera on the back has added a new look to the phone.

Thanks to the square design, the iPhone 11 is very handy and easy to use, yet lightweight.

Battery and Specs 

The battery problem in all Apple phones has always been a source of much debate. Apple tried to improve the battery features in every design. Finally, the iPhone 11 has fully developed the battery

In this version of Apple, the iPhone will be able to charge faster.  Thanks to the USB-A terminal, it will be allowed faster charging. Continuing to improve itself in every new product, the iPhone 11 has succeeded in innovating in the Battery.

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