Who is George R. R. Martin, the Creator of Game of Thrones with 6 Points?

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All we have heard George R. R. Martin before. Martin is one of the most talked about foreign writers with his books and series. The fact that he wrote Game of Thrones, which has an audience that lasted for 8 seasons, is the biggest proof of this. Who is George R. R. Martin anticipated with excitement in each book? What is he like in real life? Here are the answers! So, according to Ennegram, who is the Creator of Game of Thrones in 6 Points, George R. R. Martin?

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1 - He is a Fantastic Realistic!

The most objective people of ennegram personality tool are Type 5 people. These people who are known as researchers can be able to look at the situations objectively what happened. They are not affected by emotional pressure certainly. They want to analyse the events and conditions which they are in. Even though they face very bitter truths, they never hesitate to accept it.

While Martin was writting the Game of Thrones book series, he created so realistic fiction like his own character. The book and its chapters, inspired by the book, focus on real pleasure, weakness and showdown. In all his works, Martin reveals life with a naked reality. Although he creates extraordinary fiction and characters, he never manipulates emotions. It fully processes human emotions and attitudes very clearly.

Martin never acts on the good side or the bad side in his books. It gives a chance to win both the good and the bad with a very impressive objectivity. For this reason, his readers define him as brutal realist.

2 - He accepts the die with its all reality!

George R. R. Martin has a very brave character. He accepts death with all its reality and in his works he sets out the rapid and sudden death of characters without dramatizing. For this reason, the soap opera never works in his works. Aware of death, the fear of death and death is a truly real future, the author masters this feeling.

3 - He Does Not Act According to Reader's Expectation

The crazy man of the writter world, Martin, doesnot feel the fear of be read or be watched. He thinks that which he write the scenes due to reader expectations, that sceenes are not his own. Thanks to this cause, his works are followed by millions. Because the writter trust his writting skill and fiction world. This feature of him is enough for making fans surprised in each chapters.

4 - He can control the complicated structures!

George R. R. Martin has two main characters in his works and there are no short and emotional events around him. Martin presents every piece of his work with full of characters and events. Interpersonal relations, character analysis, event fiction; they are all so connected to each other so skillfully that you cannot stop yourself from watching the next chapter.

5 - He Uses Details Proffesionally!

The Type 5 character of the Ennegram scale is such a good observer that it surprises you. A scene or a detail that you see in seconds in the first episodes of the series is used perhaps in the last episode of season 2. George R. R. Martin fictionalized all these details in his head, saying, "How did it happen?" you can not react without.

6 - He Feds by Fear!

Knowing the places where your hair shudder while watching the show or reading the book, Martin feeds on your fears. On every page you read, you may experience a sudden misfortune or a sudden destruction. Every scene of the series is managed to break the record with this masterful feature of George R. R. Martin.

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What is Ennegram? 

Ennegram is a personality tool that states that each person has 3 powerful motives guiding him and that the intensity of these motives determines his personalities. According to Ennegram, there are 9 main types of personality:

  1. Perfectionist
  2. Helpful
  3. achievement-oriented
  4. Original
  5. Researcher
  6. Interrogator
  7. Adventurist
  8. Challenger
  9. Peaceable


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