BMW 530i Next Generation Driving Pleasure

BMW 530i Next Generation Driving Pleasure

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BMW, the pioneer brand in the upper segment car market, has accelerated the competition with redesigned 5-series cars. German technology, amazing engine performance and comfort BMW 5 series cars asphalting. 


Today, we're taking a look at BMW's refurbished BMW 530i. The German giant BMW, which always produces favored vehicles, seems to have done a good job again.

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BMW 530i A 252-horsepower Petrol Engine

Exterior Design

The BMW 5 Series always produces the finest vehicles in its class with sporty lines. Redesigned 530i still gives its name's value to the car. 

With the wide BMW Kidney grille at the front, the car has large air intakes. The classic long engine hood of the car is so attractive.

The leinght of BMW 530i is 4.94 meter. Soft and sporty lines of the car has given an attractive allure to the car.

If you look at the back of the car headlights to the profile, spoiler function with the tailgate and sporty bumper with a bumper make people affected at your back. 

Indoor Environment

The outdoor style of the car so sportiy. The energetic form of the outdoor environment of the car surrounds at indoor environment too. The quality of the car's driving area is quite obvious. Quality leather and metal surfaces give a very classy atmosphere.

The steering wheel is also very stylish design in this design.  The sporty atmosphere of the car is reflected in the steering wheel. The car's driving area and the side passenger seat area offer a very spacious space. The rear seats provide a full VIP feel.

Sits of the car are so safe. You have a relax roads on the long time. Looking at the luggage volume of 530 liters volume is very successful.

The new generation BMW 5 Series is available in both diesel and gasoline engines. The BMW 530i version, which we review, has a 2-liter petrol engine.


If we look at the engine part;

In this engine, the 8-speed automatic transmission is powered by the rear axle. The vehicle accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.2 seconds.

It is not hard to achieve to 250 km per hour which is determined as the highest speed of this car. BMW 530i performs in a similar way to the sporty cars in inter-gear acceleration. It is a light vehichle for this class with the weight of 1615 kg. The vehicle's successful geometry also improves its grip.

The car's highly agile and capable body provides the user with a great deal of convenience when driving in series.If you wonder about the average fuel consumption of the car, according to factory data, it spends 5.9 liters per 100 km (inner city - extra city).

However, achieving this theoritical number is not so easy. The average actual use of the zero vehicle is around 7.5 liters. In the time of usage, this consumption will be slightly lower. For your information...

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