What Is S 400 Missile Defense System?

The Undersecretariat For Defence Industries has explained the details of the agreement about the procurement process of the S 400 Missile Defense System.

There are two types of a missile defense system for buying from Russia now. One of them is optional and one of them is not. The first system of S 400 is planned to be delivered in the first quarter of the 2020 year. According to the explanation of the Undersecretariat For Defence Industries, the control of the S 400 Missile Defense System will be handed by Turkish Armed Forces completely.

The cost of the agreement is calculating as 2,5 billion dollars.

If the system is delivered to Turkey, Turkey will be the first NATO member which uses S 400.

However; the USA has specified that they have concerned about this agreement.

There are 5 questions and the details about S 400 Missile Defense System!

1 - What are the technical details about the S 400 Missile Defense System?

Firstly, the system is the best air defense system in the world now and S 400 is the fourth

generation of the Russian Missile Defense System which was developed at the Cold War Period.

Developing to the S 400 is started in 1993 but due to the interruptions of the defense system budget in Russia, S 400 could not be completed in a long process. And the system could not be released as a new system; it could have completed as a new version of the old one.

So, the 70 or 80 percent of technological background of the S 300 system is used for the developing S 400. Some of them are Missile Launch Ramp, Missile Storage Boxes and radars.

The system started up in 2007 although the tests were started at 1999.

S 400 defense system has a capacity for destroying to not only manned but also unmanned aircraft. It is able to destroy cruise missiles and ballistic missiles. Its maximum range is 400 km and the highest altitude is 300 km.

It can hit the 80 targets at the same time by locking two missiles to each target. It is able to dispose of the middle range ballistic missiles which are launched from a maximum 3.500 km.

One of the missile’s weight is 1,8 tone, the length is 8 m and the diameter is 50 cm in the system. The system is also able to carry up to 145 kg of weight.

2 - How S 400 Defense System Works?

High range tracking radar follows the objects on the air and it transfers the following information to the command vehicle. The command vehicle evaluates the potential targets.

After the determination of the target, the command vehicle decides to launch the missile.

Launching data is sent to the launching vehicle where is at the best location for the target. And the missiles are launched on the land to air.

Engagement radar helps the missile for achieving the target.

3 - Where S 400 is used?

S 400 was firstly used by defending to Moscow in 2007.

After, it is put on some of the critical points in the country according to Russia’s foreign policy. The first of all is the Russian air base at Tartus in Syria. In 2015, Russia placed the S 400 system to Tartus for protecting own and Syrian government naval and air elements.

Russia has also an air base at Kırım.

In these days, Russia started to agreements about selling the S 400 system to the other countries.

4 - Why Turkey wants to buy S 400 defense system?

Turkey wants to establish own air defense system for a long time. For this purpose, the Turkish government attempted so many times.

First, Turkey opened a tender for buying long-range missile defense system in 2015. A Chinese company has gained the tender with 3,4 billion dollars and has accepted to transfer technology to Turkey.

But the tender got a reaction by USA and NATO and it was closed down.

After be closing the tender, Turkey started to meet to the other countries about the missile defense system.

Middle Range Air Defense System came to the agenda in 2016, which is developed by an American company, named MBDA. Then, Turkey announced that They have a meeting process about the S 400 with Russia.

Turkey has also planned about developing its own air defense system.

5 - What are the details about the agreement between Turkey and Russia?

Rostec, the Russian defense industry company, specified that the agreement’s cost is 2,5 billion dollars.

Defense Minister of Turkey, Nurettin Canikli, said that Turkey will buy two defense systems and four battery. The Undersecretariat of Defense Industry added that the first delivery will be held in the first quarter of the year of 2020.

If Turkey buys an American defense system, there will be some limitations about usage and policy. For example, Turkey cannot put the system on the near points to Armenia or Greece. But Russia does not put any limitations on Turkey for any field.

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