New Technologies 3: Sensor of Sweat Analyse

Sensor of Sweat Analyse

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Dr. Hnin Yin Yin Nyein and his Friends, who work in Berkeley, California University, has developed a sensor which analyzes sweat. Design and production  of the sensor have published at the Science Advantage for taking information about the substances contained in sweat, which are structured in detail, tuned.

The researchers aim to develop devices that collect data about human health by analyzing sweat without the need for interventions to the body such as blood collection in the future.

The developed device is formed by a spiral tube. Sensors in the tube measure the flow rate of sweat in the tube for estimating how much sweating a person has. There are also chemical sensors on the device that measure the amount of sweat potassium and sodium ions and glucose.

Researchers conducted various tests to watch to what extent the developed sensor can provide information about human health. Some Sensor of Sweat Analyses are placed on the foreheads, arms, armpits and backs of many volunteers. During driving exercise bikes, the amount of sweating and sodium and potassium levels of sweat were measured. The results show that the amount of sweating in various parts of the body gives an idea about the total loss of fluid in the body. Using this sensor, it may be possible to monitor athletes' loss of fluid during training and competitions and whether they over-compel themselves.

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Researchers made blood glucose measurements to test whether the sensor would also be useful for diabetic patients. Than, they compared their results with measurements related to the amount of glucose in sweat. However, the results show that it is not easy to get an idea about blood sugar by looking at only the amount of glucose in sweat, but more complex methods are needed.

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