Is Aldara Cream Effective for HPV Viruses?

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Aldara cream is a medicine used for condylomas caused by HPV viruses. The drug has an effect that makes the spreading area more resistant to viruses.

In other words, it does not directly help the warts in the spreaded region but indirectly. Salic acid-containing lotions used for warts caused by the HPV virus only remove the warts from the skin and have no therapeutic properties. However, aldara-cream not only acts on warts, but also interacts with the virus with increasing body resistance from the skin. The success of Aldara-cream depends on how long the wart has been present in the applied area. The older the wart formation time, the lower the success of Aldara-cream.

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Side Effects of Aldara Cream

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As for the side effects of Aldara-cream; In general, complaints such as burning and redness are the main side effects.  It can also cause itching in people with very sensitive skin. However, it is necessary to be resistant to itching because if you apply aldara-cream on the warts it will bleed. This will prolong the treatment process. At the same time with the effect of bleeding swelling, crusting can do. You can use Aldara-cream for warts around the breech, around the penis and around the vagina. However, do not apply this cream into the vagina and breech.

The price of Aldara Cream is 130.5 Turkish Liras in all the pharmacy. SSK pay Aldara-cream until recently.

However, at the end of the new regulation, you cannot get aldara cream by making write it by a doctor with SSK. 

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