Bad Boys For Life is Coming Soon

Bad Boys For Life will be at the vision on 24th January. The action and comedy movie the Bad Boys 1 has been translated on 1994. The Bad Boys 2 has been at the vision on 2003. After 17 years of the Bad Boys 2 movie, the third series of the movie is shot as the name of the Bad Boys For Life. Martin Lawrence and Will Smith always has acted in the Bad Boys series. The leading actors of the Bad Boys For Life movie which is shot in 2019 and going to at the vision on 2020, has not been changed. 

Subject of "The Bad Boys 3" Movie

Directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, the film will be again action and comedy consepts. In the film, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith will act two detective policemen, along with Joe Pantoliano, Alexander Ludwig, Vanessa Hudgens and Paola Nunez actors and actresses. In addition to this, Will Smith is the producer of the film, which is written by Chris Bremner.

The main subject of the Bad Boys 3 movie is war against drugs along with adventure. Mike and Marcus, narcotics policemen in the film, will fight to capture the drug baron Armando Armas. A difficult mission awaits the crazy men who will attempt to capture both the drug baron and the killer Armando. This crazy two men who is very confident in each other, whose lovers of previous films and also action and comedy enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the vision day of the film.

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