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İdeal Penis Boyu Kaç Cm'dir?

Countdown to Sony Xperia 2


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Is Sony Xperia 2 Released?

Türkçe için Tıklayınız.

Sony, which  is not in Turkey market in recent years,  is preparing for the Xperia 2 now. The company can not get the expected amount of sales in Turkey, Xperia 2 designs to offer for sale abroad. The first images of the phone, whose preparations are finished, have already spread on the internet.

Countdown to Sony Xperia 2

The IFA 2019 will take place in Berlin from 6 to 11 September 2019 and will be the first place Sony will introduce its new phone model. Although the presentation has not be done, the spread of the images on the internet was enough to attract the attention of the company.

Camera Features of Sony Xperia 2

While the Sony Xperia 2 is equipped with a 21: 9 screen, the frame structure becomes thinner. While there are 3 separate cameras on the back of the phone, the cameras are located on the left side.

Screen Features of Sony Xperia 2

While Sony’s new phone has a 6.1-inch screen, it’s resolution is 1080 X 2520.

Processor of Sony Xperia 2

Sony Xperia 2 Çıktı Mı?

The usage of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 flagship model processor makes the smartphone very powerful.

Design of Sony Xperia 2

At design side of the model, The device cannot be said to be very different with Xperia 1. Sharp lines were used again in the device. However, we will witness the details during the presentation at IFA 2019.
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