İdeal Penis Boyu Kaç Cm'dir?
İdeal Penis Boyu Kaç Cm'dir?

What is Is it reliable? What should be done to shop from the site?


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What is Is it reliable? What should be done to shop from the site?

iHerb is a supplementary food and vitamin supplement company from abroad, which has been selling products on website since 1996. Cellular nutrition is based on additional nutrients and vitamin products, as well as skin care, personal care and cleaning products are available on the site.

Here, “What is Iherb, IS a reliable site, what should be done to shop from the site?” answers to questions.

What is iherb? 

what is iherb?
İ, is an abroad served website which sells supplementary food and vitamin. Shopping and buyying whatever you prefered products from website is so clear and easy. But to enter Turkey of the products that need a doctor’s prescription is needed to pass through customs.
You have ordered your products from the website, bought them and you checked out. At this point, your end contact position will be costums officers.

What are the ways to enter iHerb products from customs?

For entering the products which come from website,you should send e-mail with recipe and your id cart copy. 
Any supplements or vitamins you ordered from the site through customs to reach you must be logged in to Turkey.  Due to all the products in the website are named as “drug”, prescription is obliged to pass through customs. So, what should you do to ensure that the products enter our country and reach the products you have purchased?

Cargo Processes

Every product ordered from İ is shipped to the customs by DHL international shipping company. In order for your products coming to customs with DHL shipping company to enter our country, you need to prepare some documents. These are:

Prescription (You can take it from whatever public or private hospital)
ID copy
Notification Form (It is not obligatory. If you fill, your cargo can come faster.)

After your documents are completed, your products are delivered to your address by PTT cargo.

Cargo Following

After sending the documents to customs, you can track your shipment with the tracking number given to you. It may take 7 to 14 days for your products to arrive.

Is iHerb reliable?

What is iHerb? Is iHerb reliable? The healthiest answer to this questions lies in the fact that it has been serving since 1996. iherb serves with a very successful and experienced team in vitamins and supplements. The company offers food descriptions with more details than you can see in online shopping and has been serving for a long time. You can buy the same brand and the same gram product with very high prices in Turkey and you can get a much more affordable price than the same site. 

How to shop from

In order to shop from website, firstly you should create an account from the website.

1 – Creating Account

To create an account on the site, you must point to the Sign In / My Account section at the top right of the site with the help of the mouse. You must click the “Create an Account” tab at the top of the bottom-down tabs.

There are multiple input options on the page that appears. If you want to create an account from scratch, you should click on “Create Account” at the bottom left. If you don’t have a lot of time, you can choose between login with Google account on the right or login with Facebook account, you can easily login to the site. We will tell you the long way today.
When we click the “Create Account” tab, we see a page like the one below.

After entering the phone number, e-mail address and password on the page that appears, the following registration agreements should also be approved. After confirming both boxes, membership is created by clicking the Create an Account tab at the bottom.

2 – Account Confirmation

After creating your account, a confirmation e-mail will be send to your e-mail adress. Click on the link called to confirm in the incoming mail and the registration to the site is completed. After registration, you should enter the sign in button at the top right corner of the site.

You enter your phone number or e-mail address in the first box on the top left of the page that appears, and then your password in the box below, and you enter the site with your user account.

3  – Add your product to the basket

You can add the product to your cart by clicking the “Add to Cart” button by clicking on the product that interests you on the site. If you want to order other products, you can continue to review other products on the same page. Once you have selected all of your products, you can proceed to the next stage, the payment stage.

4. Switch to the product purchase menu

After deciding to buy your products in your basket, you can enter the basket by clicking on the basket logo in the upper right. For buyying them, you should click on “Checkout” button. 

At this stage, the site asks you for the last time if you are sure of the products you will buy. When you click on the “Proceed to Checkout” tab, you will need to enter the address and payment information you will see.

5. Fill in the “Checkout” information without missings. 

On this page you must enter the address information on the left side of the site where the products must be delivered. And then you must enter your payment information by clicking “Continue” on the right. When you complete your payment information, your shopping will be completed.

6. Order Tracking

You have bought products on the site, but you want to see them again later. To do this, you must use the “Orders” tab under the “My Account” tab. You will see your previous orders on the page that appears.
What is iherb? How is it applied? If you are interested in these contents, you may also be interested in our article. “What is Cellular Nutrition? How is it applied?” article.


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