How to use EngVid in 5 Steps?


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Learning English has become easy in these days thanks to the language instruction websites. Engvid is the most popular and efficent in learning English. In this article, we will talk about what is engvid, how to use engvid and tips about using the website more efficient.

1- What is EngVid?

EngVid is the name of a website which instructs English language for all level of learners. There are different teachers and different subjects which are instructed by them. If you want to have a choice for teacher and subject which is suitable for your level, you should visit the EngVid offical website. The language source has engvid facebook page, engvid youtube channel, VK offical account and Twitter page.

2 – Where Should I Start to Learn? 

If you are not sure where will you start to learn in the website, don’t panic. Firstly decide to your goal about the learning proces. In other words, why do you need to visit the website, you should deside. You may want to learn words more, speak more frequently, be a good speaker or the language’s all details before the beginner level.
If you decided to your goal about the website, you must go down in the website. Than, you must choose the instructor whose instruction levels are relevant with your goal. If you want to start with the beginner level of the language, you should choose beginner instructors. If you want to learn to only expressions, you must choose the instructors of the subject.

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3 – How should I study? 

The best answer is this question is not only one question. The best study type for you is also your best study style. That is, how you can learn anything easier, you should choose that type. But, in the engVid website there are two type of instruction documents which are video records and papers.
What we advice to you is that firstly, you should dowload the paper from Resources button on the website. And you should watch the related video by following the document notes. This is a study way for having to learn process more and more easy.

4 – How can I Evaluate Myself? 

If you finished a lesson video of an instructor, you should quiz yourself for evaluating yourself. You can choose the quiz papers on the abow of the video.

5 – How Can I Ask My Questions To the Instructor? 

If you listen the video; however, you have some questions about the topic, you should ask your questions to the instructor. Well, how can you do? It is so easy to ask your questions. You are able to ask your questions at the Comments part of the each lesson.
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