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We have compiled the best 10 movies of Netflix for you. Netflix, which brings a breath of fresh to the television world, confronts to people with different series and movie projects every mount. The series and movie watching platform, which can be succesful to attract people with its’ each projects, uses huge budgets for these projects. Although it cannot get the feedback desired amount from some movies, it is fascinated by a few of her outstanding productions.

The Movies and series of Netflix signs the big succesful acts. “ The movie of Rome ”, which is completely Netflix project, is among the most ambitious movies for the Oscar Award this year. In this article, we will list the top 10 films made by Netflix.

1- Rome

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The Rome movie, signed by the famous director Alfonso Cuaro, is shown as the most successful production by Netflix. The main topic of the film is about the life story of a Mexican servant who called Cleo. The movie is a period movie and takes the topic as the period of 1970 years of Mexican history. You must watch the movie which decribes the social situation of that certain period of Mexica.

2- The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs

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We continue with  The ballad of buster scruggs to the best 10 movies of Netflix list. This is a great movie that has won 2 Oscar nominations this year and has been appreciated by everyone. Famous directors Ethan and Joel Coen are sitting in the director’s seat of the movie. This production, which contains different stories and handles the subjects very well, is an anthology movie. You should definitely watch this high-scoring movie.

3- Annihilation

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Annihilation is a movie about strange events that led the team to a troubled area with different events. Unusual events occur in a quarantined area. The movie in the science fiction category will make you think for a while. Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaac meet in this movie and they make a movie that impresses the audience.

4- Bird Box

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Among Netflix’s best movies this year, Bird Box is among the productions that managed to impress the audience this year. The doors of a post-apocalyptic world are opened to the end with Bird Box. The movie starring Oscar-Awarded Sandra Bullock. If apocalyptic scenarios interest you, you should definitely watch this movie.

5- Okja

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Okja, which has succeeded in competing for the Golden Palm Award at the Cannes Film Festival, is among the The Best 10 Netflix Movies. The story of a little girl who called Mija and her best friend which is an animal named as Okja is telled in the movie. Okja is a hippo-like animal with great size. Their happy and peaceful lives in the forest are disrupted by the inclusion of urban people in the story. The movie, which has received great appreciation from the audience, also includes names such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Tilda Swinton and Lily Collins.

6- Beast Of No Nation

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Beast of no nation, tells the story of an African little child who stayyed in the African countries, in the middle of a great war. This movie is one of the first movies which was captured by Netflix. Cary Fukunaga sits in the director’s chair of my successful movie. Idris Elba is featured in the leading role.

7- Bright

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It is a successful production that covers the orcs and people we know with the movie Lord of the Rings. Will Smith stars in the movie about the fantastic world. Joel Edgerton accompanies Will Smith in this movie. It is a fantastic genre among the best 10 Netflix movies. People and orcs are sharing the world. This interesting movie must be on your movie list.

8- Polar

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Polar is one of the movies which are produces in this year by Netflix. The hero of the movie, Duncan Vizla is a series murederer. However, the man who left this proffesion, finds himself in the middle of interesting events. The movie has similarities with the story of John Wick movie series . Mads Mikkelsen, the leader actor of the movie, welcomes to you into action. 

9- Cargo

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Zombies are the creatures which we got used to. In this movie, there are zombies at the middle of the story. Fear and tension are waiting for you in the movie, which tells about the post-apocalyptic time. Martin Freeman, who we know with Sherlock Holmes, is the leading role in the movie.

10- To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

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To all the boys I’ve loved before is one of the romantic commedy movies category in the best 10 Netflix movies list. The movie is about the life of a girl named Lara Jena. Jena writes letters to the men she likes, and her life gets mixed up after these letters. It is shown as the most entertaining movie among Netflix productions. The movie, featuring Noah Centineo and Lana Condor, opens the doors to entertainment. A nice movie that you can watch with your friends.

All new movies released in May will also be scrutinized. All movies in drama, comedy and action category will be realized.

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