Things To Do At Home 1 - Read an Online Book Which Contains Legendary Words

Due to the corona virus epidemic that covers the whole world, the vast majority of people spends their time at home. Well, we thought what we can do at home and wanted to give book advice ...

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You maybe saw one of these books where you go to a book fair and bought it. You maynot have none of these books in your home. In fact, even if you don't have any of these books at home, you can buy them from bookstores on the Internet. You can download these books as e-books to your phones, tablets or computers by reading them. In addition, you can also use the online book read options.

The vast majority of people spend their time at home because of the epidemic of the corona virus that covers the whole world. Authorities also warn that they do not go out on the streets, especially for those in the risk group. So how can we spend the whole day at home? What can be done at home?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions of the last period. In this article, we have prepared a book list that is a way for you to spend the best and enjoyable time at home. In this list, you can find 8 online books reading proposal with legendary words that you can read with pleasure.

Read 8 Online Books with Legendary Words !

1. A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess

There is at the top point in the Online Books List which can be read at home the book named A Clockwork Orange . The book has so different features in different ways. 

In this interesting work written by Anthony Burgess, the writer is also involved in creating a brand new language, and offers his reader a unique world in terms of the subject he is processing. Having an important place among immersive novels, A Clockwork Orange is an interesting and gripping novel.

Lets share with you text in the description of the book A Clockwork Orange written by Anthony Burgess:

I cannot do anything but attack the human being who is the smartest of all animals, who knows what goodness means by applying a pressure method to those who turn it into an automatic machine, with a pencil that is as sharp as a sword. 'Uqueer as as clockwork orange'. This phrase means the person with the highest possible strangeness.
I have thought this my favorite speech on a book title for many years. There is also the word 'orang', which means 'live' in Malaysia. When I started to write the book, I thought that this phrase, in which the color and smell of a fruit was used, fits well into a situation based on the situation I want to tell, the application of Pavlov's law. ”

2. Just Kids- Patti Smith

Just Kids ,a book that should not be missed by those interested in biography, was written by famous rock star Patti Smith based on his own memories. You can sometimes find some pieces from yourself in the book which inclueds Smith's teenage years and his art. When you are bored in your home, Just Kids , a book that you can read at home without getting bored, is a highly immersive biography.

Patti Smith, the author of Just Kids , who came across one of the online book read sites, wrote in the description section of his book as follows:

"A masterpiece is a privileged invitation to see inside a treasure chest that has never been opened before. Johnny Depp"

3. Hippie - Paulo Coelho

This book, written by Paulo Coelho and representing the spiritual understanding of the author, is one of the most enjoyable and gripping novels that can accompany you on your home vacation. In this novel, which Coelho quoted based on his own memories, what is real and what is fiction has not been definitively reported by the author. You will love Hippie, which has an interesting feature with its colorful cover designs.

4. İkigai: The Long and Happy Life Secret of the Japanese - Hector Garcia & Franceso Miralles

Ikigai , which is indispensable for the list of immersive books you can read if you are bored at home, still has the feature of being a best-selling book since its launch. Ikigai, a personal development book that is a guide for long life, has quite a lot of content unlike ordinary personal development books. You will not be able to drop this book, which tells the long life formulas of Japanese based on scientific realities.

5. Siddharta - Hermann Hesse

One of the books stayying on the shelves of the world book fair..Siddharta, one of the most popular works of the world-famous writer Hermann Hesse, presents the teaching of the eastern religions to the reader as if it were a novel and a travel article. You can find the reflection of the journey and spiritual sayings in Siddharta, which takes its very immersive story from Buddha's true journey and life. You will feel yourself in a completely different world while reading this very immersive book.

6. Samarkand - Amin Maalouf

Semerkand, one of the books you can read while enjoying the holiday in the tranquility of the house, is an insatiable journey and a novel that reflects the historical features of the eastern world.  In this novel, inspired by historical events, you can find the fictional story of many people from Ömer Hayyam to Hasan Sabbah. Samarkand will be a good guide to understand how Hayyam wrote Rubais and to understand this feeling more closely.

7. The Loiterer - Yusuf Atılgan

The Loiterer is the best novel of Yusuf Atılgan in Turkish Literature which will make your vaste time in your home. From time to time, you can find a piece of yourself in this short novel, which tells the tides in a man's inner world, like the author's other novel, Anayurt Hotel. You can look at life differently with this novel, which is one of the most beautiful explanations of existence.

8. Red Monday  - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

In this short novel written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, you can find the analyzes that were made because of the inability to prevent a murder known to be committed by all the townspeople. Red Monday, which includes social criticism as well as a murder novel, contains an immersive and impressive subject. You will love this classic book which is among the books that must be read.

You can increase these book alternatives on read books with legendary words, and also follow our range of things that can be done at home.

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