What is eyeshadow base? The best eyeshadow base advices!

It is not used most women who wear make up regularly even some of us are not even aware of the presence of the eyeshadow base does not see the necessary attention. In this article, we will talk about what is eyeshadow bulb base and give advices for these important products.

Eyeshadow bulb base is not used by most of women; however, it makes your skin better and more beautiful if you use it. If you wonder if it is difficult to apply, the application is very simple. I can even say that it is easier than applying eyeliner.

1 - What is Eyeshadow Base?

The eyeshadow bulb base applied on the eye before eye makeup is usually colorless, with skin-colored or close to white. Although it has many tasks, the most important task is to ensure the permanence of makeup. Even if your makeup lasts for hours, there will be no problems such as flowing, scattering or scratching. Another important task of the eyeshadow base product is to close the veins on your eyelids and ensure that your eye makeup is perfect.

2 - How to use eyeshadow base? 

You may start with applying the product a small amount on the eyelids, before to start to eye make up. After that, you may start to make your eye make up. The most important of the usage of eyeshadow base is that you should not apply concealer on your eyes. In other words, your eyelids should be clear. 

3 - Is Something Else Used Instead of Eyeshadow?

Of course, I will not tell you that you can use this product instead of the eyeshadow balm base. Because there is not any product like it. If there is an alternative product for base, it will not make your make up permanent. If you think that I can perform the task of using the concealer, you are absolutely wrong. If you apply concealer, you will see your eye makeup flowing over time.

4 - The Best Eyeshadow Base Advices!

a - Mac - Paintpot, Painterly/Soft Ochre

If the color inequality in your eyelids is quite high, this eyeshadow bulb base product will be a great choice for some of you. You can use this product which you prefer according to skin tone by fixing it with powder.

b - Nyx - HD Eyeshadow Base

When you use this product, your makeup will not be deformed even if you sleep with your makeup.

c - Too Faced - Shadow Insurance Primer

If you have high oily eyelids, this base will reflect your beauty on your eyes. This product, which does not contain Paraben and Sulphate, is waiting for its buyers with different colors.

d - Urban Decay - Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Makeup is one of the indispensable eye makeup all day is very important. Thanks to Urban Decay, your makeup will stay on all day long and your eyelid color will be even.

e - Nyx - Jumbo Eye Pencil, Milk


If you are going to use headlights in vivid tones and want the eyeshadow color to be exactly bright, this base is for you. Enjoy this make-up by distributing this permanent pencil to your eyelid.

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