Who is the Internet Hero Aaron Swartz?

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Who is Aaron Swartz? What is the reason for saing about him that he was born on the Internet and died on the Internet?  Why Aaron Swartz took into the black list of FBI? Here, All About Aaron Swartz in 9 Steps!

Aaron is a world hero who died at the age of 26 in the spring of his life. This young genius, whose life was full of success, was found hanged in her own home on 11 January 2013. So who was Aaron Swartz and why did she commit suicide?

He joined RSS when he was just a teenager!

Born in Chicago in 1986, Aaron Swartz learned to read and write before going to school. His father, has a software company, was a source of inspiration for Aaron. At the age of 13, he developed the Info Network project, earning the ArsDigita award. At that time, The Info Network had the same features as today's Wikipedia. Although Aaron was upset about the lack of interest in his site at the time, he said in an interview that his mother showed Wikipedia and he was very happy.  Aaron has become a 14-year-old member of the Rich Site Summary (RSS) community.

School was his place of worship

Aaron Swartz has never seen the school as a school. When he finished school, he did not focus on career prospects or earnings. All he wanted was to understand people better by completing the Department of Sociology. Although he finished the Sociology Department of Standford University , he stated that the school 's social and intellectual attitude was not enough for him.

He wanted to be the factory itself

Although he studied sociology, Aaron Swartz did not leave his engineer side behind. Underlining that an engineer who understands people better will be much more successful, he even successed to become one of the 3 geniuses who founded Reddit in 2005 with his Startup named Infogrami. However, Reddit became a constraint for him after a short time. Because he could not achieve the freedom he wanted in a silicon valley. After a conference he attended, he did not go to the office for a week without telling his managers Aaron managed to get him fired.

Entered the FBI's blacklist by making PACER free

Aaron Swartz caught up with the system's vulnerability through an internet site analysis, while each of the electronic court results were sold for 8 cents and he shared the court documents freely with people. Aaron Swartz was added to the FBI blacklist after free access.

Tried with 35 Years in Prison

While working at the Gall Laboratory of Harvard University, Aaron was able to download academic papers for free from the JSTOR academic article pool, which was entered with special permission from MIT. The analysis script was easily noticed by the security department staff. His IP address was turned off before Aaron had finished. Aaron, caught by the police, was sentenced to 35 years in prison. Supporting such initiatives during this period, MIT chose to remain silent in the face of fear of Aaron's strength and intelligence. While the JSTOR organization did not want to complain during the court process, MIT didnot give up any information to him which will cuse to sow the first seeds of the intelligent young man in the path of depression.

He Blocked SOPA

In addition to the libertarian movements he participated, Aaron Swartz blocked the SOPA law, which forms a strong part of the government. SOPA, known as the Stop Online Piracy Act, was based on the ability to block every site and information at any time by the government. He became the protagonist of the SOPA closure process by organizing a signature campaign and managed to collect 300,000 signatures. Thus, SOPA was shelved before it became a law.

He wanted to change the world, not be rich

When his fans, who learned that he studied sociology, asked why he didn't want to be an engineer, he replied, I want to save the world, not make a lot of money. Aaron Swartz stated that engineering is a very difficult task, he was not strong enough in this regard expressed. In fact, Aaron's endless sense of service to the people was on the base of the state. This was the reason why he was not interested in easy occupations in reading sociology.

Aaron Swartz was a communication genius. When he ended his life because of the obstacles and blocks, he was told that he did not understand that he could not do anything for the world. Lover, who expressed that he was too stressful in the last periods and that he did not have his old energy left, stated that he always met thoughtful eyes when he came home from work.

Aaron was really a brilliant genius, a world man. At a very young ages, he managed to become the main role of the information sharing movement, which was a solution to the problems of the world, and became a software genius feared by the whole world, especially America.

The case brought by MIT and the problems that followed were almost the end of Aaron Swartz. Aaron, who thinks he can't help the public any more, ends his life and leaves us incomplete.

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