First crime claim in space: ' Entered her husband's bank accounts from Space Station'

Entered her husbands bank accounts American Aerospace Association NASA initiated an inquiry after the clim about an astronauts' entering her husband's...

Anne McClain
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Entered her husbands bank accounts

American Aerospace Association NASA initiated an inquiry after the clim about an astronauts' entering her husband's bank accounts in space because she and her husband are in devorce process. This event may be the first crime which was acted at space. 

[caption id="attachment_165263" align="alignnone" width="649"] Entered her husbands bank accounts[/caption]

Astronaut Anne McClain admitted that she entered her husband's (Summer Worden) bank accounts but she said not to do something wrong.

According to her conversations with the lawyer of New York Times newspaper, she has returned to the world in recent days. And she wanted to check his account for there is enough money in his account for fees and their son's carry counts. After Worden's complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, the NASA Inspection Board launched an investigation. Related News: What is Duty Artemis?  McClain and Worden who is an officer in the Air Force, was married at 2014.  Worden's case against McClain in 2018 is expected to be finalized next month. [caption id="attachment_165269" align="alignnone" width="650"] Anne McClain[/caption]

MsClain, who has studied six months at the International Space Station, was selected for the first space march in which only female astronauts participated. However, because of the size of the space suits, MsClain was given up at the last minute due to security concerns.

How does the law work in space?

International Space Station belongs to USA, Russia, Europe, Canada and Japan. In the agreement, Europe is mentioned as a single country. Under the agreement reached between the partners, the laws of the countries where the astronauts are citizens applied. The agreement provides that, for example, a Canadian astronaut can be prosecuted under Canadian law if he commits a crime in space, and Russian law if a Russian cosmonaut commits a crime. There is also a regulation in the law about astronauts' giving back to the world. Any country  can request extradition to prosecute another astronaut who has committed a crime against an astronaut who is a citizen of his own. Experts point out that although there is a legal framework for crimes that can be committed in space, they have never been exploited so far.

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