5 Otomobile Technologies Which Makes Easy Lives

5 Otomobile Technologies Which Makes Easy Lives Türkçe'si İçin Tıklayınız.  We can see great developments on otomobile and technological vehicles with...

5 Otomobile Technologies Which Makes Easy Lives

Türkçe'si İçin Tıklayınız We can see great developments on otomobile and technological vehicles with deveopping technologies. Today, we plan to meet you with the different features of otomobiles. These extraordinary features that we have listed below are interesting inventions that you can see in all countries. Let's take a look at the technological tools and inventions that are actively being used in automobile and motorcycle vehicles.

1: Plate Converter

[caption id="attachment_180214" align="alignnone" width="640"] Plate Conventor[/caption] The first otomobile technologies are plate conventors. This invention which is usually stated in James Bond films and different action films, was developped in USA and it has released all the countries in the world. This interesting invention, used by criminals and drivers who want to escape from the radar device, changes the plate and you can use two different plates on one vehicle. Before using such inventions, I want you to know that counterfeit plates are forbidden. Look: 8 Technological Products Which Make Easy Our Lives

2: Digital Mirror

[caption id="attachment_180215" align="alignnone" width="640"] Digital Mirror[/caption]

The second otomobile technologies are digital mirrors. Produced and developed by Nexus in Japan, these mirrors are known as digital mirrors. In contrast to the known side mirrors, it is used for driving drivers more efficiently with digital display and sensor. Providing you with a more detailed image with digital sensors, these mirrors are widely used in electric autonomous vehicles to be produced in the next generation when you reverse or park.

3: Ghost Indicator

[caption id="attachment_180216" align="alignnone" width="640"] Ghost Indicator[/caption]

The third otomobile technologies are ghost indicators. This technological device is manufactured and sold separately which is developed separately from automobile companies. When you put this vehicle on your otomobile, you can watch the road directions on a transparent screen which is on your phone. By rreflecting the car gauge on the windscreen, you can  drive more carefully on the road. Although quite expensive, this device is used by many people today.

4: Wireless Charge Unit (BMW)

[caption id="attachment_180217" align="alignnone" width="640"] Wireless Charge Unit (BMW)[/caption]

The fourth technology is Wireless charge unit of BMW. The German car giant Bmw has opened the doors of the new era with its wireless charging unit for cars with electric and hybrid engines. Wireless charging of electric cars, which is becoming widespread in today's technologies, becomes possible. This panel, which is attached to the ground or a fixed area, is automatically charged when the car is stopped on it and this feature seems to be a very successful step to inspire wireless rechargeable phones.

5: Disabled car Elbee

[caption id="attachment_180218" align="alignnone" width="640"] Disabled car Elbee[/caption]

The last and important otomobile technology disabled car Ebee. One of the most pleasant aspects of technology is known to make life easier. Engineers working to make life easier for people with disabilities have revealed the Elbee Disabled Car. It has a very successful design and is among the easily accessible electric cars. Although the price of this wheelchair-accessible car is set at $ 15,000, one of the bad things is that it has become a tool for the production of cheaper and convenient disabled cars in the coming days.

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