How to care for foot at home with 6 points? What are the features of the right shoe?

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How to care for foot at home with 6 points?

Our feet, trapped in our shoes and socks during the day, are the most tired part of our body when there is evening. In addition to being stuffy during the day, we sometimes hit a them so many times that we don't feel. So, do we take care of our hair or skin to our feet? How much are we paying attention to our feet? Here, foot care tips at home!

1 - Wash Your Feet Every Day!

[caption id="attachment_183088" align="alignnone" width="640"] 1 - Wash Your Feet Every Day![/caption] The most important one of the tips of care for foot at home is washing. Our Feet need to be washed regularly as our hands. When you go back home from work, your first work should be washing your foot. Because your feet are trapped in your shoes all day, both dirty and tired. Washing the feet helps relax the veins leading to the feet. This allows the feet to rest. When washing your feet, you should definitely use soap and warm water. Shampoo is not beneficial for foot health.

2 - Absolutely Dry!

The second requirement of home foot care rules is the correct drying technique. Washing your feet every day is not enough to remove dirt. It is necessary to dry thoroughly to clean the feet thoroughly washed. During drying, the fingers should not be forgotten.

3 - Cut Your Toenails Round!

When the toenails are cut straight, the edges of the toenails can sink into the flesh of the finger and cause a wound. Therefore, the toenails should be cut round. If there are small pieces of skin pieces on the nails, they should not be interfered.

4 - Use Pumice Stone!

Another item in the home foot care tips list is pumice stone. The best way to treat dead skin and calluses at home is pumice stone. Dead skins cause the pores to be closed so that the feet cannot breathe. Pumice stone, which cleans dead skin, prevents the smell of foot originating from the skin.

5 - Make Massage to Your Feet!

You should be interested in your feet as like your other parts of your body. Your feet are your important parts that keep you up all day. To make massage from your ankle to your fingertips will eliminate swelling and pain.

6 - Be Careful to Your Usage style of Moisturizer!

How to care for foot at home? The last answer of the question is about Usage style of Moisturizer. If your skin is dry and your feet are cracked, it will be helpful to use a moisturizer. But before you go to sleep, you should make sure that the moisturizers you touch do not touch your fingers. Otherwise, athlete's foot may form.

What are the features of the right shoe?

The shoes that surround our feet during the day should also be produced in accordance with the health of the feet and must be compatible with the structure of the person's feet. Here, the features of the right shoe!
  • Healthy and right shoe should have a straight structure on the part of it which surronds the foot.
  • To have a comfortable feet, front part of the shoe should be suitable for foot movements and should not eliminate the comfor of movement. So narrow shoes are harmful to foot health.
  • High-heeled shoes fatigue the ankle, but also cause low back pain. The heel length of a high-heeled shoe should not exceed 4 centimeters.
  • Shoes with narrow soles cause the feet to feel much more pressure, resulting in more fatigue. Healthy shoes are the ones with wide soles.
  • It should not be narrow enough to squeeze the feet or wide enough to play inside the shoe. Both conditions adversely affect foot health. When buying shoes, be sure to shop in the afternoon. Because the feet get tired afternoon, they become more swollen than in the morning.
  • Choose breathable fabric or leather shoes. Shoes that sweat your feet during the day more fatigue and can cause foot fungus.
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