What is engVid with 5 Steps?

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EngVid, The Easiest Way of Learning English

Is learning English a great nightmare for you? Do you think that you are too late for learning English? Or couldn't you decide where to start? No matter what your problem with English is, we have an offer for you: engVidWe know that many of you have never heard of it before. Don't panic!  We have mentioned all the details you need to know about the site and its use. Here, the answer for the questions: What is engvid?, Is engVid paid?, How is it used?, Is it usefull? What should be done for taking more benefit from the site? 

1 - What is Engvid?

Engvid is an online language website which teaches all levels of learners. There are so many instructor who gives the same subjects in the website and every instructor has a lot of different subject instructions. You can evaluate yourself by attending quizes after watching the instruction videos.  To sum up, if you want to learn English or develop your language, there is not any reason for not benefitting from the website.

2 - Is EngVid Paid?

If you sign up to the website, it is free to use. TO sign up the website is not only free but also so easy. To see the documents and video narratives on the website, it is enough to become a member and explore the relevant places on the site.

3 - How to Use the English Learning Site? 

In order to use the EngVid English Learning site, you must first subscribe to the site. You should just follow the steps below:

To Sign Up Freely

In order to sign up to website, you should click on the Sign Up For Free button at the rigth top of the site.

To fill of the Registration Form 

After clickking on the registration button, a registration form will appear. In this form, user name, e-mail address, password, password repetition, date of birth, about, gender, role (student / teacher), country, city and language should be filled in.

To Apply the Form 

After complating all of the informations at the abow, you should click on the Complete Sign Up button for applying. With this step your registration process has finished. All the services of the site are now available free of charge.

4 - Is EngVid Usefull? 

As in every learning environment, there are factors that affect learning in online education systems.
  • Teacher quality comes first. There are 10 different teachers to choose from. You do not have to continue with the teacher you started with about teacher selection. Therefore, we have successfully passed the teacher factor.
  • Another factor affecting learning is material quality. The website also includes video instructions that appeal to both visual and auditory senses. There are also written Resources in the Reseources section of the site. In other words, it is possible to reach the lecture notes of the information learned through video narration from this area.
  • Another factor that affects learning is evaluation. If learned information are not be repeated and evaluated, they cannot be learned totally. This fact is also thought in the website and there is a chance to evaluate what learned in video sectiosn by using quizes. EngVid is very useful and successful in terms of teachers, materials and assessment of learning.
  • The last and most important learning factor is totally related with your being ready for learning. If you like to learn and make enough effort to learn, the website is a source of gold for you. If you want to learn by looking at 5 minutes per day, you will not be able to learn with no resources, not just EngVid.

5 - What should be done to provide more benefits? 

There are some techniques you need to apply to get even more benefit from the site and to develop your language.
  • Effective Listening: To learn a language, you should focus on learning the language and listen to videos on the site effectively. The questions that come to mind while watching the video should be noted and if the video has not been learned until the end, a question should be left as a comment below the video.
  • Repetation: If a topic is listened to from the video lecture, the notes on the resources page should also be reviewed. If a question arises when repeating, the video should be played again. If a teacher's narrative is not fully understood, a video of another teacher tells the same subject can be used.
  • To Exposure: The more exposure a language is learned, the more successful it is. Listening to English songs, watching movies or playing games helps to reinforce the language and words learned.
  • Practice: When learning a language, it will be an important activity to try to use the new words learned. Trying to make new sentences with the learned words, using more of the new words, playing games and listening to the music of those words will support learning.
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