- 12 Mayıs 2020

Chinese Woman Masturbates at IKEA! Viral Video Watched Worldwide Broke the Record!

A Chinese Woman Masturbates at IKEA! Chinese Woman's IKEA Masturbation Video Created Event and broke Watch Record! Here are all the details about the sensational event!

Chinese Woman Masturbates at IKEA! Video Event Has Broken Watch Record!
Chinese Woman Masturbates at IKEA! Video Event Has Broken Watch Record!
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A woman masturbated in the Chinese furniture store of IKEA  Sensational footage of the Chinese woman masturbating appeared. T he Chinese woman's masturbation video, which was displayed half naked, broke the record. The Chinese woman was displayed on the display beds and armchairs of the IKEA store.

IKEA Talked About the Event!

After this sensational incident, IKEA announced that it will take tighter security measures in its stores in China. Another remarkable event in the video was that when the Chinese woman masturbated, people in the store and shoppers walk without a mind. This issue resonated in the Chinese social media.

IKEA Called All its Customers to Treat Civil!

Videos uncensored in China have been removed from social media. Swedish company IKEA made a statement to the images and the videos were viewed over 9 million times. IKEA officials, who stated that they condemned this situation, announced to the police that they would take more security measures. IKEA administrators asked their customers to be civil in the store.

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The woman who masturbated in IKEA did not say who catched the video. In the comments made by the public on social media platforms, it was stated that this store is in Guangdong. It is believed that nobody used a mask in the images, so these sensational images were recorded before the coronavirus epidemic. In addition, if the citizens of the People's Republic of China undress in the community, the penalty they will receive is known as administrative detention for up to 10 days.

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