Flintstones is Coming for Adults

The Flintstones, which won everyone's appreciation from 7 to 70, is coming back. Moreover, this time is for adults. 

Teeneagers of now don't know Flintstones. A generation grew up with the Flintstones. The American animated series received a lot of attention from Beti to Vilma, Fred to Barnie and of course Pebble. We have compiled the latest news about the Flintstones Series, which is announced to start shooting again soon.

Flintstones is Coming Soon

Produced by Hanna - Barbera Productions, the series was released for six seasons on ABC in prime time from 1960 to 66. After the series ended broadcasting, the interest in the Flintstones, which also appeared on the big screen, would be a bit of a longing.

Inspired by Cartoon Characters

Inspired by the characters of the cartoon series, the series will be launched but the release date is not yet clear. However this time Warner Bros will be in the work. And Brownstone Productions will take over.

This time for adults

The Flintstones, which is the lover of everyone who watches from 7 to 70, is designed for adults +18 in this language only.

Coming soon

While the production of the Stone Age series continues rapidly, there are rumors that it will be on the watches in the second half of next year.

- OKU HABER, News bölümünde yayınlandı