Combat training against Turkey to Syria PKK (YPG)

According to the news of the American Foreign Policy magazine, rooted in American military officials from Turkey after the YPG Afrin in Olive Branch for Operation, US had built a huge tunnel network against a possible operation towards the east of Euphrates.

According to Sputnik’in news of the organization of these tunnels, air operations to make field defense against to Turkey. With the help of these tunnels, a conventional force will be resisted against the Turkish Armed Forces.

Combat training against Turkey to Syria PKK (YPG)
Combat training against Turkey to Syria PKK (YPG)

US forces in these tunnels are believed to provide preparatory training on how to coordinate the organization will provide Turkey in case of a possible intervention.

The US claimed that the YPG had demolished its military trenches in the region between Rasulayn and Tel Abyad. Anadolu Agency published images for these tunnels and brought to the agenda whether the tunnels would be demolished or not by the US authorities. However, the American authorities skipped these questions.

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