Is Morning Exercise Really Healthy? For whom is Morning Exercise dangerous?

Doing morning exercise is most talked about healthy life advices in these days.  Hovewe, each healthy life advices may not healthy for  every people. Because each person's physical situation and body is not suitable for each advice.

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Doing morning exercise is most talked about healthy life advices in these days.  Hovewe, each healthy life advices may not healthy for  every people. Because each person's physical situation and body is not suitable for each advice.  Just as eating habits vary according to the individual, sports and activities should be programmed individually. So,  For whom is Morning Sport dangerous?


Morning exercise, is the name given to the sport before breakfast. Doing morning exercise  is one of the most important habits of many diet lists with the reason that it will keep the body fit. While it has become a habit, it will be people's life rutin. 


1 - Burns Fat

Among the benefits of morning exercise, energy production and fat burning are the most important. Fasting physical activities and morning sports increase the energy production by providing fat burning. This allows you to be more energetic and energetic during the day.

2 - Affects Sleep Routine

Doing sports in the morning ensures sleep quality and order. Research shows that early physical activity affects sleep positively.

3 - Affects Time Management

Doing sports in the early hours allows the person to be more lively and energetic while maintaining a more positive attitude towards the tasks and tasks to be done. It is noteworthy that people who have a busy work tempo are consistent with morning sports and provide time management.

4 - Reduces Stress

Morning sport increases the body's adrenaline production, which helps to reduce stress, which means better secretion of happiness hormone.


Morning exercise can become a dangerous habit that is not useful for people with certain health conditions. Internal medicine specialist Res. See. Emir Avşar grouped the people who could create a dangerous situation for morning sports as follows:

  • People with heart attacks,
  • People with heart disease (heart failure, heart valve disorders, rhythm problems)
  • Blood pressure patients,
  • People with diabetes and
  • People with thyroid disorders should avoid morning sports.


  • When doing sports in the morning, one must firstly be aware of his or her health. So, if you have a chronic condition, morning sport is not a very useful choice at this point. Because our body's adrenaline production reaches the highest level between 6 and 10 am.
  • The most important criterion for doing morning exercise is that the person chooses sports techniques that are suitable for his body type. The body structure of a mother who has given birth 2-3 times will not be the same as the sports that a child who has not completed the body development will do. Therefore, advice should be sought from an expert on sports techniques.
  • Morning Exercise must not done at outside or in a special sport center. Doing exercise in open air is clearly beneficial. But, if there is not proper condition for this, morning sport can be done in office environment or at home.

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  • Befor doing sport, the body should be warmed up.Otherwise, muscle ruptures may occur.
  • When exercising in the morning, energy is spent more and more than usual time. For this reason, at least 2 liters of water should be drunk during a day.
  • The carbohydrate lost by the body should be taken back after doing sports. Dried fruits and juices are recommended at this point. After morning sports, 70 grams of carbohydrates should be consumed. An example for this is 10 raisins.
  • After the sport is completed, warm-up movements should be done again. Stretching movements before the sport warms the body and then helps to cool.


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