12 Mysterious Information About the Game of Thrones Series which will Change Your Feelings

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12 Mysterious Information About the Game of Thrones Series which will Change Your Feelings

The Throne Games, followed by a growing fan group for along to eight seasons, is one of the best visual and fictional works ever. Each chapter, carefully and enthusiastically watched by the whole world, has been skillfully processed and professionally animated. Do you know everything about the series with these outstanding features? We are sure that there's a lot you don't know! Here are 12 Mysterious Information to Change Your Perspectives on the Game of Thrones Series!

1 - Who is George R. R. Martin?

Game of Thrones has a series of scenarios inspired by the series Ice and Fire, written by George R. R. Martin. George R. R. Martin is an American author who has received numerous novel awards. One of the best in the world in fantasy fiction, he still lives in America. You may be interested in: Who is George R. R. Martin?

2 - You can learn Dothrak language!

Dothraki is a new 3000-word language specially designed for Game of Thrones. This language, created by David Joshua Petersan, is easy to learn. If you would like to learn Dothraki, you can register for free on the official Living Language website and learn from anywhere.

3 - Pigeon Pie is Real!

It is possible to make Pigeon meat pie at the wedding of the brave King Joffrey, one of the ambitious kings of Game of Thrones! Yes, you didn't hear wrong. There is a meal in real world. Created by Giovanni De Roselli, one of the 16th century writers, this meal was truly made in the recipe series.

4 - It is the most watched series.

The series of Game of Thrones is one of the most watched series not only in foreign languages ​​but also in subtitles. Particularly on illegal publishing websites, the most watched series was Game of Thrones.

5 - She has become the mother of snails

The important role, Khaleesi nickname is given to a new animal species in Brasilian. It is a Snail. The name is called as Tritonia Khaleesi.

6 - Iron Throne Will be Sold

A copy of the iron throne, which is very important for the Game of Thrones series, will be sold by the HPO production company for $ 30,000.

7 - Gandalf's Sword is Also Used in Game of Thrones

A copy of Gandalf's sword, the master magician of the Lord of the Rings series, was used in the design of the iron throne in Game of Thrones series. 

8 - Madonna has dressed up Daenerys Costume

Madonna is a fan of the Game of Thrones series. She asked for and borrowed character costumes from a number of directors to wear at a prom.

9 - Sansa's Clothes Are Full of Messages

Some symbolic materials are used in each film and series. The most important of these are clothing and accessories. One of the beautiful women of the series, Sansa's clothes are symbolically linked to the events she has experienced.

10 - Myrcella and Tommen are lovers in real life.

Aimee Richardson, Dean-Charles Chapman, who plays Myrcella and Tommen from Game of Thrones have a relationship in their lives.

11 - Four roles for one people

Ian Whyte plays 4 characters; not 1, in the throne series. Whyte, who plays the White Wanderer, an anonymous giant, Ser Cligain and another giant named Vanvan, played very successful roles.

12 - Harry Lloyd is a member of Dickens family

Harry Lloyd, who acts the Viserys character in Game of Thrones series is relative of the author Charles Dickens.

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