A new kind of flying squirrel was discovered in China

A new species of flying squirrel was discovered in Yunnan province, southwest of China.

A team from China and Australia observed two flying squirrels in the Yunnan Gaoligong Mountain Natural Reserve.

Li Quan, the team conducting the research, said that the new species of flying squirrels lived in an area between the two previously known isolated areas.

Li noted that the new species was added under the "flyng squirrels" class. He said "There are probably other members of this new species in this area."

According to Li, the Gaoligong Mountain Natural Reserve is a low altitude forest area where animals are disturbed by human activity. He also underlined the need to strengthen ecological protection for rare and endangered species in the region.

Two previously invented species were also found in parts of the same region in India and Laos.

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